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How to Make a DIY Magnetic Blackboard

How to Make a DIY Magnetic Blackboard For Your Child


It’s been almost two years since I decided to change my son’s room from green to white. In that adventure (because you can not call it another way) I decided to make a small magnetic space for him to play, learn letters or words or do whatever he felt like doing.

With time it was too small and I thought about making a small extension and today I bring you the result. If you want to know a little more about the process, I’ll tell you how to make a DIY magnetic blackboard for your child 🙂

As we already had an old square slate I wanted to start from it to enlarge it and I gave my son two closed options: some mountains and a house. He chose the house so with the help of masking tape, ruler and pencil, I set about taking the measurements.

How to Make a DIY Magnetic Blackboard 2

Choose a Good Place for the DIY Magnetic Blackboard

At first I thought just adding it underneath a roof but taking a step back and looking at it from another perspective, it didn’t feel great and was very disproportionate. So I expanded what would be the body of the house and climbed the roof higher. I pointed everything out with a pencil and put on the masking tape following those guides.

If you start from scratch you can draw freehand or use a ruler to make the guide of what will be the figure or the strip you are going to paint. The masking tape will give you some margin of error and my advice after a couple of experiences painting is that a plastic cover for the floor is indispensable.

How to Make a DIY Magnetic Blackboard 3

Prepare the Room

As you can see, removing the frame and the surrounding stickers damaged the wall somewhat, so at that point I came upstairs and took the opportunity to paint the slate and repaint the room. I thought it was a great idea at that time. Then in practice this photo perfectly illustrates that revelation that always happens to me when I am in the middle of repositioning / decorating / painting a room in which I think , but why did I get into this mess? 

When you’re like this you can only do one thing: pull forward.

How to Make a DIY Magnetic Blackboard?

  • If you have a smooth wall I assure you that this DIY blackboard is very easy to apply, fast and perfect.
  • On this occasion I used a different brand called magnetic paint (impossible to go wrong). They sent it to us to be able to try it. I got it just thinking about this extension, so there was a space-time alignment impossible to reject. The premise from which all these paintings start is the same. You can use it on walls and other surfaces that are not too absorbent or irregular. You can also turn the surface you paint into a magnet of the size you want.
  • With respect to the paint that I used or that is my impression – it is that it is much more dense at the time of applying and it covers much better. The important thing is to remove it well before it starts to make lumps.
  • The size of the board will depend on the amount of surface you are going to paint. For my project with a can of 0.5 L it spread me enough to give two coats and still more. The amount of layers that you need depend on the magnets that you are going to use. Since for example my idea is to use it for letter magnets. They have very little magnetized surface. Therefore I needed more layers than if you want to use them with magnets that weigh more than surface magnets. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, three coats is the average.
  • Then you just have to paint and let it dry.
  • If you are not sure that you have given enough layers, it is best that you allow your child try to put the magnets on them. Remember, they are the best testers in this case.
  • Once you finish it is time to remove the masking tape and that’s it!


What to Place with the blackboard?

Next to the blackboard, we always have our cube of magnetic letters on hand. I have in mind to buy one of cursive letters to practice playing,

I am in the search phase.

The DIY magnetic blackboard is a new world of possibilities. Like for example to put a magnet on the tangram puzzles and play. 

How to Make a DIY Magnetic Blackboard 4

I am pretty sure that you’d come up with a million different ideas of your own!

If you do not have time you can also buy a magnetic whiteboard from amazon or any other online stationary shop. 

I hope you liked our post that informs the reader how to make a DIY magnetic blackboard in your child’s room! Do give it a try and share your feedback with us!


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