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How to Install an Alternate App Store on Android

Generally, all Google devices have a default application store: the Google Play Store. From this store we can download all kinds of applications, both free and payment to our device being all linked to our Gmail account associated with the device. However, there are other alternative application stores that offer us certain advantages over the Play Store, for example:

  • We do not need to link our smartphone with a Google account
  • Some applications of them are not in the Play Store
  • Some applications have better prices, they are even free (in the Amazon store, for example, every day they offer one for free)

Some examples of legitimate app stores that are alternatives to the Play Store are:

Each of these stores has unique characteristics, for example, the Amazon application store offers a free application every day, the FDroid store has only free and free software, etc. Users should look at each of the stores and decide if they adapt to their needs. All the stores mentioned above are legal alternatives and have a certain control over what is published in them, so we can use them safely.

These app stores are not available for download from the Play Store, so you have to do it manually. All of them have an Android client that can be downloaded from their official websites. This client will be downloaded to the smartphone as an apk file.

Before installing it, we must make sure to enable the permission to install applications from unknown sources. For this we will enter the Ajuestes menu of our Android and look for the “Security” section. There we will see and enable the next option.



With this option enabled we will look for the apk file that we just downloaded with a file browser such as ES Explorer or Astro (it will be found in the folder / sdcard / Downloads) and we will execute it. We will see a window similar to the following (the window may vary depending on the client that we are going to install).


We accept this window and in a few seconds we will have the application installed and ready to work. just execute it and we will have access to the entire catalog of applications.

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