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How to find the right laptop

How to Find the Right Laptop

How to Find the Right Laptop for Yourself

There has been a huge leap in technology since the last two decades, and most of us have witnessed the evolution of personal computers from your desktop to mobile phones. In terms of sales, laptops have long surpassed the desktop computers, while smartphones and tablets are also making a huge impression over the market. We can swiftly conclude that the user tendency is shifting towards, smaller, lighter, portable and a more graphic alternate. With numerous options, the question is how to find the right laptop for yourself. Below are some tips that help you to find a laptop that exactly matches your requirements.

Weight and Screen Size

Laptops can be found with screen size ranging from as small as 9 inches to as big as 17. The increase in screen size will result in an obvious increase in weight. You have to ask yourself the question of portability vs performance. If you’re a frequent traveler and want to use your laptop while on trips, then you should prefer a smaller and lighter version, it will come with a good battery time too. However, if you are a stay at home or office user, then you must go for a bigger display. Again, it entirely depends upon your preference.

laptop weight and size


The CPU or processor is the brain of your computer. There are two leading companies in the market that make CPU’s designed for customers like you, these are AMD and Intel. If you’re looking for good performance but cheap price, then your pick should be AMD. They have models that perform good and have a low-end price. On the other hand, we have Intel. Intel usually relies on advanced and cutting-edge technology. It has a better support for graphics and games.

So, two things have to be evaluated while looking for a Processor, the first being your budget and second is your usage. If you want to purchase a computer for web surfing or normal office or home use, then go for an AMD or single core Intel processor. However, if you want to use your computer for hi-end graphics and design work, or you’re into gaming, then a multi-core Intel processor would be a wise-pick.



For the people looking for normal web and office usage, something between 4 GB to 6 GB would suffice. Graphic designers and gamers should go for something above or equal to 8 GB. If you want to do video or image rendering, your RAM should be much bigger in size. But for normal users like students with web browsing, emailing and social media usage, 1 GB to 2 GB RAM is enough. If you want your laptop to perform faster even with low-end usage, then you have to pay attention to the size of RAM it has. The bigger the size, the faster the machine.


Other Features

Other features that you must consider according to your own preferences are, DVD writers, USB Slot, Memory Card Slots, Graphic Resolution, Color, Shape, Keyboard, Mouse Sensitivity, Battery Time, Disk Storage, Graphics Card, Guarantee and After Sales Service etc.

You can also use laptop finders online. Nowadays many shopping website come with a tool to compare and choose the perfect option for yourself. You can choose the exact specifications as per your requirements to see which laptop suits your needs the most. There’s also a program called PC Scout from Microsoft, it helps you find the right laptop by walking you through the process. If you wanna go for a cost-effective solution, then here are five laptops under 50k in India.

I hope this post is going to bring value to you and will tell you how to find the right laptop for yourself. Please share your experience and feedback in the comments section below, also don’t forget to subscribe.

Happy Laptop Hunting!

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