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diy home photo studio

How to Create Your Own DIY Home Photo Studio

DIY Home Photo Studio

Are you creating wonderful masterpieces out of your camera and want them to be fully developed? And you don’t have the means to hire a professional photographer, or a professional photo studio? Don’t worry, today we have a perfect cost friendly solution for you, we will help and guide you to create your own DIY Home Photo Studio. With a little help from DIY Somo, you’ll be able to produce high quality photographs, with quality DIY Lighting effects. Just follow the below step by step guide and create photographs like a professional photographer.

photo studio

All you need is a few things and some empty space in your room. Your studio will be ready in just a few hours of hard work. So, here is the list of equipment you need to build your own DIY Home Photo Studio.

First of all, you should find a suitable place in your house where you can set up your studio with ease. The room should have some windows to allow sufficient light, guys please remember natural light is the most important thing for your professional photographs.

List of Equipment:

  • 1 White Paper Roll (4 feet wide)
  • 4 Canvas Stands
  • 1 Folding Table (In case of product photography)
  • 4 Foam Boards (2 x3“)
  • Ducting Tape
  • 1 PVC Pipe 10 Feet Long
  • 2 Tow Holders
  • 4 Bulb Holders
  • 4 LED White Light Bulbs
  • Silver Wrapping Paper
  • Glue
  • 2 Pieces of Cardboard (2 X 3”)
  • Small Screw (As per requirement)

So now you have your equipment ready you should now proceed with the setup.

Step 1 – Studio Background: First of all, place 2 canvas stands to make a good white background, these two stands must be placed exactly where you want to setup your studio. Now cut the PVC pipe in half and place it on the stands. Take out some white paper from the white paper roll and stick it to the PVC pipe. These stands and PVC pipe will hold your white paper roll, which will work as your background.

studio background


Step 2 – Product Placement: Now place the folding table in front of your stands, where you may place your subject in case you are shooting any product. If you are doing fashion photography or a portfolio, you can just pull the white paper down to the ground. Make sure it’s not bent if you want to avoid the shadow. You can also use a different color of paper according to your requirements.

studio background

Step 3 – Creating Light Stands: Now comes the lighting part. You already have a window to let in sufficient natural light but you can also use your own lights to make your photographs look even more professional. Now take the other two stands and strap them using tow holders. You don’t need to strap them in any specific way because you just need a light source you will use your foam boards to direct your light.

studio lighting

Step 4 – Light Reflectors: Now you have to make some reflectors, you need 2 reflectors for your subject and two others for directing the light from light stands. Paste those foam boards on an equal size of cardboard pieces, you can use glue for that. This will give your foam boards some hardness. Now wrap silver wrapping paper on them using the same glue. Your light reflectors are now ready. You can use them to direct light from light stands.


Step 5 – Installing Light Bulbs: Now you have to screw two bulb-holders on each foam board using small screws, install required light bulbs in them. Make sure you have wired them properly. Your DIY photo studio is now ready, now you can shoot just about anything and make them look professional from every direction.


Make sure to cover small holes through duct tape. Now you have your studio lights setup and your background setup is also complete, both these things are the basics component of any DIY home photo studio. Just try your first photo shoot and see the results. Don’t forget to share your experience with us, we will look forward to hear from people who have applied this DIY Project.

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Happy Photography!

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