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How to Control the GPS of an Android Smartphone?

Currently all smartphones have a GPS module that allows to use the different connection and geo-location functions using the satellite network of the global positioning system. These functions will allow us, for example, to share our location on social networks, allow certain applications to follow us and show us relevant information about our surroundings or to have a control system on activities or exercises that we perform abroad for Then register it in the cloud.

All these functions are very useful and most of the users appreciate them, however, for those who do not use them, having the GPS on means a considerable expenditure of battery and unnecessary resources. Android has a menu of settings from which we will be able to configure our GPS and thus be able to deactivate the functions that we do not use to avoid this expense.

For this we must open the settings menu of our device and then look for the entry called “Location”.


Click on it and a new configuration window will open:


Here we can see 2 sections:

  • The upper part, reserved for the GPS mode we use
  • The lower part, reserved for applications

Click on “Mode” and a new window will open.


We can configure our location in 3 different ways:

  • High precision: Use GPS and mobile networks and Wi-Fi to locate us.
  • Battery saving: Disable GPS and only locate by mobile antennas and Wi-Fi networks
  • Only on device: Use only GPS to locate.

If we are going to make precise use of location applications (a trip, exercise tracking programs, etc) we must keep our location settings as “High precision”, however, while we do not use these functions we must change the configuration to “Battery saving” to deactivate the GPS and not have this unnecessary expense each time the device registers our position.

In the energy saving mode the location is not as accurate as in the high precision mode but it is totally sufficient to make use of certain tools such as Google Now and other applications that need an approximate location.

It is also possible to completely disconnect the location, for this from the advantage of Settings> Location we can use the switch that appears at the top to deactivate it completely.


To finish, as we can see in the lower part, Android shows us a list of the applications that make use of the location functions and how much battery they suppose the connections that they carry out.

The optimal configuration for not losing connectivity and not having an excessive expenditure of battery is to configure our Android as “Battery saving” and manually change it to “High precision” whenever we need to make accurate use of the GPS location.

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