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How to Activate or Deactivate User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 10

How To Configure the UAC in Windows


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Disable user account control (UAC) in Windows 10

  1. Click on the RIGHT button in the Windows Start menu and select Run .
  2. In the “Run” window that opens, type the UserAccountControlSettings.exe command (and press Enter on your keyboard).
  3. The configuration window opens. There is a tab on the left (the frame in the image above). Click on the tab and, without releasing the mouse button, move it up or down to choose the bottom option ( Do not notify me ever ).
  4. Press Accept and confirm the warning by clicking Yes . See how to activate or deactivate Windows Defender .

    Disabling account control has considerable risks. Consider keeping it activated even with a more “soft” configuration than the default one. See what options you have …

Other configuration options

Review the advantages and disadvantages of each one and choose the one you prefer. From top to bottom are:

  • Always notify me when
    you select it. Windows will ask you for confirmation for any action that you consider potentially dangerous. How to install programs or change computer configurations.

    It is the option that offers greater security.

    DISADVANTAGE: Warnings
    can be annoying.

    USE IT IF … You install
    unusual or not entirely reliable programs. Or if you visit dangerous web pages.

  • Default
    Windows will ask you for confirmation if programs external to it try to make certain changes.

    The number of notices is greatly reduced.

    It is less certain than the previous option although in general it is enough.

    USE IT IF …
    You usually use reliable programs and usually visit trusted websites.

  • Notify me only when an application tries to make changes to the computer (do not attenuate the desktop)
    It is similar to the previous one. The difference is that in this case the notices of the UAC do not appear in what is called “secure desktop”. It prevents an application from making changes before deciding what to do (the Windows Desktop is dimmed in the meantime).

    Warnings take less time to appear or disappear.

    It is easier for a virus or other threat to get infected.

    USE IT IF …
    Your PC takes a long time to enter or exit the Dimmed Desktop. It can be agreed on old or less powerful equipment.

    Why is UAC important?

    It serves to protect your PC and Windows 10 itself. Avoid changes without your consent. Especially when they pose a security risk of whatever kind. Like the changes made by viruses or a hacker trying to enter your computer.

    When an application tries to make a change like that, you receive a warning. You have the option to choose whether or not the process can go ahead. The UAC controls both administrator Windows user accounts and standard ones. Sometimes you will be required to use an administrator account or password even after confirming the notice. It’s an extra measure of security when it comes to something especially sensitive.

    The great risk of deactivating it altogether is that any application can change important things without you even knowing it. If in spite of everything you want to disable it, take these precautions:

    • Discover in 20 seconds if your PC is safe
    • Always have Windows Firewall enabled. Or install one free like ZoneAlarm.
    • Enable automatic Windows updates.
    • Take special care when installing new, unfamiliar programs. Or when visiting unreliable websites.
    • Activate the UAC again if you have disabled it just to be able to do something timely.
    • Install an antivirus. Two good free options are Panda or Avira.

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