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Home Decor: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

The expense involved with decorating and furnishing a home can really increase quickly. If you want to pay for everything you need without spending a fortune, it’s important to save money where possible and where it won’t detract from your interiors. Certain home decor features need to be of high quality, while others are more secondary and less noticeable in a home.

The following are a few pointers on where to save and where to splurge when it comes to home decor.

Where to Save Money in Home Decor or Renovation

It takes many different furniture pieces, accents, cookware, window treatments, glassware, etc. to fully equip a modern home. Homeowners can save a lot of money by realizing that there are a lot of items in the home that just don’t receive enough attention to justify spending a lot.

The following are a few examples of objects in the home you should try to save money on. You can save money on them by making purchases at big-box stores, online, or even at thrift shops rather than going to premium stores for them.


Accent tables in the living room and elsewhere

One of the main focuses of a living room is the coffee table, and it’s important to invest in a quality coffee table to spruce up the room. However, it’s important to make note of the fact that most homes have many additional accent tables here and there that just don’t require as much of a fuss.

Accents tables located next to chairs and sofas in your living room can be purchased on the cheap side without compromising appearances. You can also save on accent tables located in your hallways and throughout other rooms of your house.

Rugs throughout your home

Another aspect of your home decor that is never going to take center stage is your rugs. Rugs are generally covered in part by furniture and are often stuck in out of the way places for a decor accent or for greater comfort on hard floor surfaces. Yet, a rug is not part of an interior design layout that has a lot of focus on it. As long as your rugs match with the rest of your room and aren’t falling apart, they’ll probably serve their purpose just fine.

Glasses for the kitchen

Your dishes might get a lot of attention when you set your table, but glassware is easily overlooked for the most part. While it might be cute to have some novelty glasses for special occasions like holiday parties, on the whole, plain old glasses from a dollar store or thrift shop will do the job.

Where to Splurge Money in Home Decor and Renovation

While you can save money on the above-mentioned items, don’t cut any corners when you purchase any of the following three home items or your home’s decor is going to suffer.


Artwork on your walls

Cheap artwork can really detract from appearances and cause your home to lack class. Ideally, you should purchase artwork for your home that’s great for starting discussions. Make sure the art you hang on the wall is something you’d be able to talk about with guests.

Shopping for artwork can be a lot of fun, so don’t spoil the opportunity by just looking for something to cover your walls. You need to develop your own distinct style and fit that style in with your existing home decor features. This way, you’ll be able to express yourself through your home and create something that’s uniquely you. This could also give you the perfect excuse to take a trip. Events like Art Basel in Miami are world renowned for the creative and one-of-a-kind pieces made available. Plus, it’s an awesome experience.

Living room furniture

Your living room furniture pieces are important in so many ways. They’re not only important when it comes to decoration and aesthetics. They’re also practically important because they need to provide comfort to your household and your guests.

You’re really not going to want to shop for living room furniture in a hurry because you’re going to be living with your furniture selections for years to come. This is especially true when it comes to picking out your living room sofa. Think of how many hours you’re going to spend on that sofa to make sure that you give your selection the funding and effort this big decision requires. Take a look at a store like European Leather Gallery. They have unique pieces that not only can show your own style and flair, but they’re built to last.

Lighting fixtures

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of lighting in a home, but it’s an absolute no-no. You’re lighting sets the mood for your interiors and also serves the practical purpose of allowing for everyday visibility.

Splurging on lighting is important for appearances, but it also helps you down the road. You may need to pay an electrician for a quality installation. If you splurge, you can rest assured that the lighting fixture you choose will last a long time so that it won’t require more work or money in the near future.


If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, then it’s going to be the first thing that any visitors see, and it set’s the tone for the entire property. We’ve all seen the house on the block that never mows the lawn, and we all think the same thing, what an eye-sore. Don’t be the eye sore. Zero-scaping your lawn can make the entire process more manageable. This involves removing areas of grass and replacing them with stones, mulch, or the like to cut down on regular maintenance. It’s also important to choose plants and vegetation that are appropriate for your climate. Tulips don’t just grow everywhere. Make sure you’re not buying additions just to let them die during the first freeze or summer day. Also, spend the money on a reputable pest control service like Turner Pest. Not only will it save your lawn, but it could save your house as well.

There is always give and take with these kinds of things. If you fall in love with a piece and it didn’t make the list, don’t feel guilty. The whole point of decorating your home is to make it an extension of your own personality. Go with your gut and you won’t be disappointed.

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