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Hidraulik returns with its latest collection of vinyl carpets designed for children

The latest Hydaulik collection – the brand that unites its passion for hydraulic floors with vinyl carpets – is designed for the little ones in the house although we do not agree. Their geometric designs are so elegant and up-to-date that they could well occupy a prominent place in any room.

The vinyl carpets are the favorite of the houses where there are allergies, they are also easy to clean – they can even be scrubbed – and serve both indoor and outdoor, making it easy to understand their success in recent times.

In addition, the re-interpreted patterns of Hidraulik’s hydraulic tiles make these carpets a powerful resource to change the decoration of any room, be it the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom or the balcony. The latest proposal of Hidraulik is based on a base of pastel colors to which a very modern geometry is incorporated to achieve, that in the blink of an eye, without the need of works, or installations and at a very competitive price, a change of ” look “in the rooms of the little ones.

Gone are the conventional and stereotyped children’s rooms to make way for versatile play spaces of contemporary design that modern parents like so much. A stimulating microworld for the little ones helping to create and imagine, but also practical and easy maintenance for parents.

Hidraulik proposes six timeless models. Avenir and Padua replicating the modernist hydraulic tiles in neutral tones and organic and friendly shapes.

  • Model Avenir
To come
  • Padua model

Canuda, Ciutadella, Gloria and Odissea, with geometric motifs, pastel tones and marked Nordic style .

  • Canuda Model
  • Model Ciutadella
  • Model Gloria
  • Odissea Model

Via Hidraulik

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