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Which hands free to buy for the car-Shopping guide and tips

Which hands free to buy for the car: Shopping guide and tips

The hands-free systems for the car are an interesting option that can reinforce the security if we are people dependent on the phone, even when we drive.

Starting from the basis that talking on the phone at the wheel always distracts even with hands-free, we will shed some light on the most relevant points that will have to be fixed when looking for a model in Amazon or eBay by If our car does not incorporate it as standard.

  • With installation or without installation
  • Linking with the car radio
  • Autonomy versus continuous connection
  • Speech recognition
  • Motion detection
  • Resolution
  • Price

With installation or without installation

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One of the main issues when making us with a hands-free communication system for our car is to know how much we are willing to complicate. There are devices that do not require installation but penalize sound quality and limited functionality, while others are fully integrated into the car.

For this second option, the more complex systems need to be integrated into the vehicle’s serial equipment, requiring a contact current outlet from the battery and the physical connection to the car radio, as well as positioning a microphone at some point.

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Although they are the systems that offer the best results, they will also require a visit to an installer or give us a bit of skill so that the work is fine and the final result is almost as if our car had it installed as standard.

Linking with the car radio

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The hands-free systems that have physical hardware installation have the advantage that they will be perfectly integrated with the audio system of our car (if it has been done well, of course), but there are other simpler options .

There are much simpler models to implement in the vehicle since instead of establishing a physical link with the car, they are incorporated into the sound system through a radio frequency . The principle of operation is quite simple: the smartphone is linked with the handsfree via Bluetooth and both music and calls are passed to the car radio via FM frequency that we must tune into the car’s sound system.

The pros are a practically nil installation ; the cons are a much worse sound quality, a signal that can be unstable and although the speakers will emit the sound of the call, the microphone will still be on the phone.

Autonomy versus continuous connection

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A differentiating point between the available hands-free systems is whether they have a continuous power supply or require the use of batteries . With the first we will forget any type of installation in exchange for being always connected, with the seconds instead we will have to worry about recharging or replacing the batteries.

This means that we run the risk of running out of battery during an interesting conversation, although they offer us the great advantage of being able to place them where it suits us best (steering wheel, parasol …) and project the voice more or less directly over their microphone.

Speech recognition

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One of the main reasons for using a handsfree, besides being able to carry the phone in the ear when driving is forbidden, is to keep the attention on what is happening in front of us. In order to receive calls from the car, distractions must be minimal and voice recognition plays a fundamental role.

Devices that have spoken recognition allow us to accept or reject incoming calls; On the other hand, other devices will force us to press a physical button in order to speak. Some devices can be attached to the steering wheel, but others are placed on the hood or connected to the cigarette lighter socket, which will generate additional distraction.

Motion detection

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Some hands-free devices incorporate an interesting functionality, being able to detect the movement when going up or down the car to connect automatically and link with the phones that are authorized.

This capacity to auto blaze up or auto go out is almost an inherent characteristic of the models by batteries, since this protects the autonomy of the device, although another option would be to turn it on by button only when we want to use it, much more reasonable and cheaper.


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Hands-free systems have prices as varied as the options offered by the market. The cheapest are those that are connected to the cigarette lighter of the car and are linked by FM signal with the car radio, and can be found for a price below 20 euros.

One step above are the wireless devices with battery (either rechargeable or interchangeable), hanging around a fork between 25 and 60 euros depending on the model and its benefits.

Finally, there are full hands-free systems , which are physically installed in the car and offer us the best experience for both sound quality and functionality, exceeding 100 euros.

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