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Good time is synonymous with DIY Do you have the tools ready

Good time is synonymous with DIY Do you have the tools ready?

The good weather is coming and there are many things to repair both inside and outside the house and once we have the workshop assembled, it is the perfect time to unleash our creativity with the cutest DIY . But one of the maxims of the handyman is to have everything you need to do it yourself, because nobody is MacGyver to make the most amazing DIY without tools.

The most suggestive novelties and the most inspiring tendencies come from the big DIY and craft companies . We are going to see some tools that can make our DIY go from mere pastimes to protagonists of our decorations.

Multievo Montandosierra

BLACK + DECKER lithium batteries

BLACK + DECKER takes advantage of the great advantages of lithium batteries and sells a new range of hammer drills and screwdrivers specially designed to improve the life of DIY enthusiasts. I fell in love with Multievo 18v this past Christmas and I have not left it for a moment, I’ve practically used it every week.

The lithium batteries are up to 40% more compact and lightweight than traditional nickel cadmium which provides excellent power / weight ratio that facilitates the use of these tools to any user.

Table Palets

In addition, if the user wants to recharge his tool without the battery being fully discharged, he can do so at any time without damaging or diminishing his autonomy, since, unlike traditional batteries, lithium batteries have no memory effect . Personally when I finish working I leave a load and so I know that I always have a battery.

Bosch laser levels

Bosch Pll2

We talked about the laser meter and how useful it had been, easy to use and perfect to carry in your bag. Well, Bosch presented us recently the new laser levels. The laser line that emits the new model of Quigo is sharper and is narrower than ever so the definition improves when projected on the wall, ensuring greater accuracy.

On the other hand, it has a greater angle opening, which facilitates work in limited spaces, since the line continues to be long over short distances. This makes it possible for the objects to be aligned in a simple way without having to reposition the tool.

IXO V Cutter

Bosch Cutter

Something we are all doing is renovating the artificial grass of terraces and balconies. On this occasion, IXO Cutter will be our best ally. Incorporating the cutter adapter, the tool not only screws but can cut almost any material.

In a safe and clean way, we can adjust our artificial grass to the nooks and crannies, since we will cut without problems the thick rubber that composes it.

With the right tools, free time and You Tube channels full of professionals, wanting to help, the world of DIY is ours.

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