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Good or bad idea-The mirror as a dashboard in the kitchen

Good or bad idea? The mirror as a dashboard in the kitchen

Placing a mirror on the kitchen shelf or dashboard seems to be a new decorative trend. In replacement of the counter-top or the typical tiles there are more and more kitchens with this solution that is even placed behind the fires.

It may be shocking but it has logic. At the end of the day, the mirror has the same qualities as steel, tiles or glass that are usually placed.

This trend can be understood within the current trend of de-contextualizing furniture or materials, bypassing the more traditional norms in decoration, such as placing outdoor furniture in the interior.

It may also be due to the tendency to open the kitchen to the living room. The unique space makes the design of the kitchen especially important and should be integrated into the living room. The mirror can be a way to do it.


Mirrors in the kitchenImage via Homestolove.com
  • Its surface is easy to clean (no joints). In addition, the mirror on the dashboard creates a very interesting effect.
  • The mirror collects and reflects light
  • Enlarge the spaces because it generates depth.
  • Its price is accessible
  • It is also easy to install. The mirror that usually has a thickness of between 3 to 5 mm sticks with silicone to the wall and is fixed.


  • I can not think too many, but perhaps the mirror is more fragile than other materials or at least, it seems.

Anyway, being stuck to the wall is difficult to break unless it hits hard, which should not happen if it is given normal use.

  • It may take a little getting used to having the mirror behind the dashboard because you will usually see your reflection while cooking. It can be a bit unsettling at first.
Mirrors in the kitchen
Image via Decorpad.com

And to you, what do you think of this trend? Good or bad idea?

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