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Give an artistic touch to your table with these two original tableware

Christmas is coming and therefore the time of year with the highest concentration of celebrations of lunches and dinners with family and friends around the table. If you are looking for a dish with which to surprise your guests beyond the typical Christmas decorations, maybe you like these Habitat with a very artistic touch.

The designer Sarah Corynen proposes the Ginger collection inspired by the Memphis movement, which was very popular in the 80’s and is based on simple geometric shapes with saturated colors … In short, a classic that never fails.

Habitat Art On The Table 4
Habitat Art On The Table 6

On the other hand, with an elegant spirit and full of intensity, the Moon collection will enhance our dishes with a marble print, with black and white as the protagonist, as you can see in the picture above these lines.

In general, the table is the meeting center around which the majority of meetings with family and friends take place and being such an important space in our day to day life, it deserves at least that we decorate it with artistic trends as beautiful as these. The prices in Habitat range from 5.90 euros for some of the cups, to 26.90 euros for the larger trays.

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