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Get Rid of Garden Weed Organically

Make Your Own DIY Weed Killer


Summer season clicks with a bloom in your gardens, but unfortunately, your flowers and veggies are not the only plants that are so keenly waiting for this time of the year. There are a few garden invaders that you must not allow to grow in your backyard. Crabgrass, sorrel and clover are the ones that you should be most careful about. This article will help you get rid of garden weed organically, so carry on reading if you need a cure.

Classify Weed

It is somehow a big deal to classify the plants and differentiate which ones of them are useful and which ones are weed. Most of us would agree on the fact that weeds are an unwanted add-on to your beautiful garden or lawn. They invade our tirelessly created landscape and take up most of the nutrients and water, which are meant for our most beloved plants. The actual differentiation between a normal plant and weed is a little bit complicated. So basically, we would consider any unwelcome and annoying addition to our garden a weed. Technically, we can call wild violets a weed, however, some people do appreciate the color and life that they bring to our gardens. So the classification of weed depends entirely upon your perception of any plant or flora.

wild violet

Some more unpleasantness of weed include its power to ruin all your gardening efforts. If you want to grow weed in your back yard, you have to take immense measures in order to control its population. It grows faster than you can ever imagine. So, remember one thing, you need to take control while growing weed in your backyard, or else weed is going to take over your backyard.

We are gonna talk about natural and organic ways so that you get rid of all the nasty chemicals and make your own organic and natural DIY Weed Killer. This DIY project is one of the most amazing projects we have discussed until now. With the help of these basic tips, you can get rid of garden weed organically. So, no need to worry and compromise the beauty of your backyard. Just follow these simple steps to create your very own ultimate DIY Weed Killer. The best part of this DIY Project is that it is low cost, simple and it can be created from the stuff at your home.

Get rid of garden weed organically

Now get ready for a buzz here is our DIY Weed Killer.

So here is the recipe, you need three natural ingredients to make a weed killer:

1 Gallon Vinegar

2 cups Epsom Salt

1/3 cup dawn dish soap

Step 1: The process is simple, all you need is to mix up the Epsom salt and dawn dish soap in the vinegar. Stir it very well until it is entirely dissolved. You can also use apple cider vinegar and table salt can also do the job.

Step 2: Now all you need is to take your spraying bottle and spray the mixture on weed plants. No matter how concentrated they are within the rest of your garden, this weed killer will kill all the weed overnight. Sometimes it takes 48 hours, but you don`t need to spray it again.


Important: You can also use some of the chemicals available in the market, the problem with these chemicals is that they also kill some of your garden’s beauty. The recipe here is very specific for weed only. It has no harmful effects on your garden or any other plants that you have.

Hope you can get rid of garden weed organically in this ultimately simple and natural way. Do try this out and let us know how it turned out for you.

That’s all for today, hope to see you guys soon with more interesting tips and ways to get things done. Do share images of your gardens with us. We will try to create a best garden post from your supplied images.

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Happy Gardening!



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  1. I did this in my own garden 2 years ago. We haven’t had to weed very much since then. It really does work.

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