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Get inspired! A perfect Christmas table designed by Las 2 Mercedes for Vista Alegre

We like Christmas … it is a time of the year when we let our imagination fly to prepare charming decorations and sophisticated tables to gather family and friends around it.

And if you are looking for inspiration to prepare a unique Christmas table, this creation of Las 2 Mercedes for the Portuguese fine porcelain firm Vista Alegre will make you fall in love.


For the creation of this Christmas table, interior designers Mercedes Peralta and Mercedes Valdenebro opted for an elegant and sophisticated style, with pieces from the prestigious Portuguese firm of fine china, glassware and decorative items.

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To prepare the table, these two interior designers opted for the mix of several collections, with the gold as a common thread running away from the traditional red and green that are used at this time.

Christmas Vista Alegre

Among the chosen collections, The 2 Mercedes merged in the composition pieces of series such as Domo Gold, Cailloute, Chasing Stars, Gold Exotic, Anna, and Paseo.


Together with the pieces of tableware, Mercedes Peralta and Mercedes Valdenebro completed the scene with glassware from the Portuguese firm, such as bottles and liquor glasses from the Jardim, Orphic, Palazzo Gold and Jubilee collections, which The 2 Mercedes used ** as a vases **, and that mixed with golden elements.

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To finish making the composition, the two interior designers used a taffeta tablecloth or candles placed in the Light, Yoso and Miracle candle holders, which illuminated the wineglass service belonging to the Vendome and Splendor collection.

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In addition, on the table there were also missing decorative items such as boxes and mini vases, belonging to the Blooming, Caixa Délice, Energy and Zahara collections, and natural elements typical of winter, such as quince, flowers and leaves or lemons.

Inspiration Christmas tables

And if you want to see this Christmas table live, you can stop by the store that Vista Alegre has in Madrid, at number 53 Claudio Coello street.

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