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Get a detector for your DIY and drill safely

Get a detector for your DIY and drill safely

As we have been together for a long time, I am going to reveal a secret of my life as “handyman” or, better said, my “big” moments . My house has had to be painted several times and not only because of the dampness of the neighbors above, but because of my fights with the drill in the walls and you never know what you will find under layers of paint and cement.

So (if you are like me) and the aguaplast and the palette is part of your DIY, to fix messes, the new Bosch Truvo detector will love you.

Uneo Drill

Truvo allows safer drilling, considerably reducing the risk of damaging cables, pipes or other metallic components. For drilling walls you have to work safely: with Bosch’s easy-to-use digital detectors you will find electrical conduits, water pipes, beams and metal frames or wooden substructures with maximum precision and safety.

Very simple to use, the Truvo detector turns on and off by sliding a simple lid. Once connected, the device automatically starts the calibration and can be used at the moment. This can distinguish ferrous and non-ferrous metals at depths of 7 cm and 6 cm respectively. In addition, it recognizes electrical cables 5 cm deep, both in walls and ceilings.

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Through the built-in sound and light system, the user is warned of areas in which drilling is undesirable in a more intuitive way. It consists of three LED lights, in which the green light indicates that no material has been detected, the yellow light indicates that the perforation is not advisable due to the proximity of any conflicting material and the red indicates that this should not be carried out.

It ended up making holes with the wrong bit or take a scare with unexpected cables or pipes …

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