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The future was to ask our smart toilet to give us the music we want: this is Numi 2.0 from Kohler

We are seeing many devices enter the smart and integrate voice assistants and the CES is a silver tray for objects ( combs or mirrors) to do (or try) it. And finally, finally we can talk about an “intelligent” toilet and with AlexaWhat a time to be alive.

It is a product of the brand Kohler, a giant in the world of plumbing, who has seen the moment that their products (and those who use them) are benefited from the integration of voice commands. Also of other such interesting additions for moments of physiological need such as speakers and light. Because what is technology for if it is not to make life more … Easy?

That going to the service is something immersive and entertaining

Here we usually resort to the term immersive when we talk about multimedia devices. Products such as virtual reality glasses or a mobile phone.

But perhaps from now on it will also be something to value in a toilet, because that is what Kohler promises with the Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet: “a totally immersive experience”. This is because, beyond the design that the cup can have (something that also weighs in the choice, usually) are the speakers, the lights and the power to ask Alexa to give us the musical selection that we prefer.

We can save

And how much does it have to have a toilet to be able to ask for the latest musical hits? The Numi 2.0 goes for $ 7,000, $ 9,000 if we prefer it in black, although we do not know when it can be purchased (we must wait for the notice if we are interested). A good tip to do what a smart speaker, although in favor of this toilet, in its purest use, it must be said that it is also heated thanks to the own PureWarmth system (of course, the temperature can be controlled via app).

We said at the beginning that we have seen products as an intelligent mirror in successive CES, and in fact Kohler also presented some of them in the edition of the fair last year , to which this Numi 2.0 is added. Probably not the last striking product we see in Las Vegas these days, so we’ll tell you.

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