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How to free up storage space in Windows 10 with the new and improved system tool

How to free up storage space in Windows 10 with the new and improved system tool

The latest version of Windows 10, the April 2018 Update call has a week between us, and it is likely that by now a large number of users have received it. Among one of its many new features related to the options of the Configuration menu, is the new disk space liberator .

This allows us to delete a large number of elements that occupy space in Windows 10 unnecessarily . It is extremely easy to use, as well as being faster and easier to find than the classic liberator.

This tool has been improved and now basically doing the same as the classic version that you found very hidden among control panel options, one that goes out , especially now that there are so many equivalents in the modern Windows 10 Configuration menu.

Free Space in Windows 10Open “Settings”, select “Storage”, click on “Free space now”

To show the new tool you just have to open the Configuration menu (Windows Key + I), select Storage in the menu on the left, and then click on ” Unlock that now ” in the new option that appears under the Sensor storage.

Free Space Windows 10

The amount of things you can select now to free up space is much larger than before. In fact, now you will have the option to delete previous versions of Windows directly from here, something that usually occupies a good amount of gigas if you have not cleaned in some time.

Everything that appears in the menu shows description, but it is completely safe to select all and delete to recover as much storage space as possible.

Free Space Now Windows 10

Once you have selected everything you want, simply click on Remove files . Just to the right you will see the total in megabytes to be released according to what you have chosen. The cleaning is usually quite fast, but that will also depend on the speed of your hard drive. If you use an SSD it will be almost immediate.

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