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Free iCloud accounts still have 5 GB of space-tips for using them well

Free iCloud accounts still have 5 GB of space: tips for using them well

The news of iOS 12 , macOS Mojave , watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 have left us all wanting the summer to pass quickly and arrive in September, but there is something that many wanted to change and remains impassive: the 5 GB of storage space free iCloud .

With the competition giving more space (Google gives triple, for example) and with Apple moving more and more services to the cloud (the last are our messages ), it seems increasingly difficult to live with those 5 GB free. But it is possible , and you just have to visualize about several limitations.

You have to do screening: not everything fits in 5 GB

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First of all, we have to make clear that the storage of iCloud is a business model for Apple. It is not strange that those 5 GB do not expand, since in the end the goal is for customers to accept that minimum of 0.99 cents per month for a much more comfortable 50 GB of space. It is very little money per month, more and more people pay and it is an excellent way for users to lose their fear of making recurring payments for online services .

But in the same way, the user can simply choose not to pay anything and continue with those 5 GB of free storage. Can we live in the cloud with so little space? Yes, if you choose to dispense with some key functions.

  • Unless the use of the iPhone is strictly WhatsApp and little else, surely you will not be able to make backup copies of the device in iCloud and depend on a computer with iTunes to do them locally. And that’s telling that you clean WhatsApp conversations often, which very few people do.
  • Forget about the Fototeca in iCloud . It is simply impossible. We take too many photographs so that those 5 GB allow us to breathe more than one day in a row. If you want to have your collection of photos in the cloud, better look for alternatives such as Google Photos .
  • As for iCloud Drive , we should consider it a luxury. Use it only for files that you need to have at hand (such as documentation) and nothing else.

That said, there is a lot of data that we can save in those 5 GB of iCloud without big problems:

  • The contacts , reminders , achievements Game Center , notes and calendarsoccupy a tiny space iCloud, so you can use them almost without limit.
  • The same goes for the Safari data . Favorites, browsing history, passwords … at the end of the day is encrypted text. It occupies too little space for us to worry about.
  • If you use an iCloud email , you should not have a lot of trouble storing it in the Apple cloud whenever you are deleting emails that you no longer need. Beware of emails with large attachments, they should be the first to be deleted or stored in another site.
  • The messages in iCloud is the newest you can store in the cloud. You just have to be a little careful with the attachments that are added in the chats and you can have a good amount of conversations stored without problem.

Do not worry: 4.99 GB of 5 GB occupied will continue to bring you problems

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It’s simple, if you want to continue with those 5 GB we just have to discard the storage of those data that occupy too much space so that the free plan remains comfortable. And with that screen as a base, look if we can survive by storing the data that occupies less space and modify the synchronizations depending on our needs.

One last tip can be this: try to always have a certain percentage of free space in iCloud . If you constantly play with 4.85 GB of those 5 GB busy you will be suffering the uncomfortable alerts of Apple constantly, so I would recommend expanding the storage plan if we see that we are squeezing every megabyte that is offered to us for free.

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