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These are the four ways to select files in macOS

These are the four ways to select files in macOS

Selecting files in the MacOS Finder is a basic action with which an infinite number of actions begin. The most basic ones are from moving one folder to another, copying, cutting or deleting files. And the most complex can be to create folders with a specific selection of files or modify names and extensions at once. Whatever your need, in this tutorial we tell you the four ways to select files on your Mac.

Select a single file in macOS

Basic Selection

This is the basic way to select files on a Mac. To do this, you have two methods :

  • Use your Mac’s mouse and click on the file you want to work with.
  • In the Finder folder you want to choose a document, move with the arrow keys until you reach your goal.

Select non-consecutive files

No Consecutive

There is a way to select several files that are not followed. As the image above shows, here we have selected three files that are not consecutive . The only way to do this is to keep the Command key pressed while we click on the files that we want.

This is one of those things that many already know but that other users might not know. In fact, in my case it is the last form I learned to select files.

Select consecutive files

Consecutive Files

An impossible function to lose to anything that takes a while using a Mac. There are two ways to select files that are followed:

  • With the mouse, you click on the folder and drag. You will see that a square is created that selects all the files that fall under their “networks”.
  • With the keyboard, select a file with the arrows, keep pressed uppercase and move through the folder with the arrows in the direction you want.

Remember that if you are in the folder view as a list, you can only do it from top to bottom .

Select all files in a folder

All Files

This could also be one of those uses that not everyone knows. When you are in a folder, there is the possibility to select all files at once with a single keyboard shortcut . It is this: ⌘ + a.

By touching this combination, all files will be selected. If you want a rule to remember this shortcut, maybe I’ll use the one I used when I learned it: in command + a, the “a” means “everything” in English. With the passage of time you will do it without thinking.

For me, these ways of selecting files in macOS are vital. They save you little efforts when working with files that, added many times, at the end is a time that you no longer waste.

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