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Four designs of large company offices, which show that carpets have returned

Four designs of large company offices, which show that carpets have returned

If you think that carpets are a thing of the past, I will say no. Because if even the most absurd or unsuspected is able to return to fashion, the carpets are not going to be less, which at least were (and still are), very practical .

In addition to practical, the carpets allow so many designs that are an active part of the decoration but above all, the new materials allow carpets easier to clean and maintain.

The other advantages of carpets remain as always. Carpets are a good insulator of temperature and noise and are perfect in areas of high traffic such as offices.

The design of the offices is a sector that takes more and more care. The cold and austere minimalism that we received in the offices until a few years ago is fortunately being left behind. Now the offices are conceived looking for warmth and comfort and looking to create welcoming environments that promote the creativity and culture of each company.

In these new spaces, open and flexible, teamwork is enhanced and the decoration elements gain prominence, helping to convey the feeling of working in a more friendly environment.

Perhaps this is the reason why more and more companies choose carpets to dress their offices, lobbies and meeting places. In fact, the following four big companies have chosen the Gan rugs, for their new corporate designs.


The WeWork coworking space has recently opened its second office in Amsterdam, which joins a network of 270 spaces around the world. WeWork offers workspaces, meeting rooms and a spirit of community, to creators, startups, small and large companies. For its decoration, fresh and cheerful, she chose the MANGAS SPACE carpet , Patricia Urquiola’s modular collection . Its combination of elements (carpets, poufs and cushions) and its striking tones inject vitality into the space and make it possible to work almost as from the sofa at home.



Pinterest , the well-known online platform, has facilities in San Francisco with more than 4,000 m2, designed by the studios All of the Above, First Office and Schwartz and Architectur. The basic scheme of the space is inspired by the very concept of Pinterest, which offers a blank board to its users: the idea is to create spaces that employees can make their own . The ORIGINAL SLEEVES designed by Patricia Urquiola have been chosen for the rest areas. Rich in colors and textures, these poufs facilitate informal encounters thanks to their flexibility and organic shapes.



Another example of a contemporary office that uses GAN’s proposals to create a cozy space to work almost at home . The company manages a ticket search engine for events, sports and concerts, and offers a personalized experience to each user. Here the SILAÏ carpets , signed by Charlotte Lancelot, provide serenity and subtly delimit the reception space with its pleasant texture based on stitches, so pleasant to step on, and with its soft colors.

Seatgeek Silay 01


The popular studio Gensler designed a practical work environment that adapts to the constant evolution of the company. The objective is for employees to feel as comfortable as possible, inviting them to carry their personal items such as plants, records or books . The poufs of the SAIL collection , designed by Héctor Serrano for GAN, fit perfectly in this elegant and comfortable environment. The poufs conform to any body and posture and invite a change of point of view very appreciated in the philosophy of the company.

Large companies, all of them, that bet on the comfort of carpets and rugs for their new and contemporary designs. With these rugs, they make sure to soften the spaces, add a touch of color and incorporate a contemporary design based on artisan tradition.

Okkkkporadahyundai Capital Sail 03
Hyundai Capital Sail 01

Images and information via www.gan-rugs.com

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