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Five trends for 2018-2019 that we can see in the next Ikea collections

Five trends for 2018-2019 that we can see in the next Ikea collections

During the celebration of its Democratic Design Days, Ikea presented in Älmhult the trends and novelties that will see the light in what remain of the year and during 2019.

Their novelties and editions are always highly anticipated (like their future collaborations with Adidas or Lego) , but what they always look for is to improve our day to day.

And there are several ways in which they do it; bringing design and trends to the whole world , (what they call democratizing design), seeking improvements and more sustainable ways of life , and carefully studying our habits and customs to anticipate what our needs will be in the future , although we are not even aware of it.

Among the many collections presented during these days, we see at least five trends :


It seems that we have a new trend color. Because Pantone’s predictions with Ultra Violet are one thing , and another is the real trend that we can already distinguish with the advancement of the next collections.

Many of the new proposals such as TÄNKVÄRDA have blue as a base, and it is a color that is frequently repeated in accessories and products of other series.

ikea-trends 2019


This trend is gradually consolidating and this is demonstrated by some Ikea novelties, such as the FOREMAL collection , in collaboration with Per B Sundberg , a renowned ceramicist and Swedish crystal artist who is characterized by his organic forms based on the Swedish tradition.

And by Swedish tradition, we do not refer to the recognized Nordic style of the early twentieth century but to folklore and the most ancient culture of northern Europe, that of the Vikings . So do not be surprised when you see their vases with skulls or candelabras of dogs that will be maximalism and folklore in its purest form.

20180607 10254okkkk9
Okkkkk20180607 102512

Also the design of some of the artists who next year will collaborate in the ART EVENT 2019 opt for the maximalism in the design of their carpets with the use of primary and resounding colors.



Ikea continues to bring trends to the general public. That is why it will continue to bet on its next editions for natural materials: linen, jute, cotton or seaweed that will be the basis of its limited edition TÄNKVÄRD , the most natural, one of the most successful trends of recent years.



It may seem an incongruity. Because if there is someone who has standardized and brought the same furniture to (almost) every corner of the planet, it has been Ikea, but the handcrafted, handmade and even imperfect, is a trend.

In one of its upcoming collections Ikea will collaborate with ten artists from 7 AFRICAN countries and the result will be ÖVERALT based on modern urban rituals is an inclusive, fun and expressive collection that will include seats, baskets or dishes with a strong personality.


Or the ANNANSTANS collection, which is designed to create jobs thanks to the collaboration of IKEA and textile designer Martin Bergström with artisans from rural India, Romania and Thailand.

Okkk20180607 114236

For this collection traditional techniques are fused with modern expressions and the result will be a contemporary collection that will include items as diverse as cushion covers and bags, ceramic bowls and banana fiber baskets.

Trends that opt ​​for unique pieces, with personality and that value the craft work.


This is not a matter of time, Ikea has been betting for time on the use of sustainable materials and for its commitment to the environment and will continue to do so in its next collections. Like in his collection Little Sun in which he looks for sustainable ways of life or the design of the MISTELN mouthpiece , for saving water.

On the other hand, Ikea has been demonstrating for some time its social commitment with initiatives such as those in which they are an active part . More than a trend, we can consider these collaborations in solidarity, in all benefit, as part of an already consolidated company policy. As we have already mentioned, the ANNANSTANS collection is designed to create jobs for artisans from India, Romania and Thailand .



Editing collections that take into account our new life habits such as the FÖRNYAD collection , a collection also maximalist designed for students or for those who work at home and want to bring color and fun to their environment.

For this Ikea has had the collaboration of Sarah Andelman creator of the French Collete and Craig Redman who will bring us the most fun and unexpected office items with sizes, colors and risky patterns.

20180607 102840okkk

Even Ikea will launch a special limited edition for Gamers or virtual players . There are currently two billion console players in the world (some professionalized), and until now no one had thought of them to adapt the furniture to their reality. Ikea will do so soon, thanks to a collection in which he has worked with Area Academy , a company specializing in e-sports and with the company Unyq, specialist in personalized 3D medical orthopedics.

IKea egamers

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