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How to finish once and for all with the cables on the desk (II)

How to finish once and for all with the cables on the desk – II

In the last post, we started a particular fight against the cables on the desk. The cables are not too aesthetic and, what’s worse, working on a messy-looking table does not help to concentrate.

We still have some pending issues in our battle to get rid of all the cables on the desktop, like what we can do with laptops connected to monitors, desktops, and even lighting. Let’s see them in this second entry.

Lg 27ud88 W Macbook Usb C1

Laptops do not make it easy for us to hide the cables

Laptops without connecting to anything and with the charged battery work without wires. Ok, for a while, but you’ll want to charge them, connect them to a monitor or other peripherals, etc. Moreover, many computers only work with an external screen if they are connected to the power supply so we have a minimum of 2 cables to worry about.

The problem with laptops is that, for design reasons, they split the ports on both sides of the laptop . We do not want to place the laptop on the edge of the table and disguise the cables, because we probably use the two sides for the connection.

wireless desktop example

We have some alternatives. For example there are some models that have USB-C connection by which we can both load the laptop and take out the video output . Thus, if the monitor has USB-C connectivity, with a single cable and the monitor hub we would leave the problem solved.

Tucano gel legs

For the rest of the laptops I can think of a few tricks. The first is to use silicone lifting feet or other materials . This has two very good advantages, the first being that the computer cools better. The second, that we can pass the cables under the laptop to the side closest to the edge of the table. When they are lower than the computer, you can put a box that covers the cables to the edge of the table and take them out of sight.

Macally lectern

A lectern can also help you camouflage the cables below. And it can be very interesting in the case of using the laptop monitor as a second monitor to improve ergonomics.

See if your computer has any bay of the manufacturer or third parties. When leaving all the cables by the back of the computer you will have much easier so that the cables are not visible and / or hide them if necessary.

You may also want to use male – female connectors and cords that make it possible to not even see the cable and without the cables suffering.

desk with desktop computer

Desktop computers

Desktop computers have the advantage that virtually all connections are on the back . Also that the frequency to which we will plug and unplug peripherals is much smaller, we probably leave them fixed.

The solution for a perfect wiring is to join all the cables with imaginative bridles or tricks such as plumbing pipes. If we connect devices we can always use for example a well-hidden USB hub on our table or use the monitor’s hub.

Base for headphones and cable reels

Headphones, better Bluetooth

If you hate the cables a lot, you’ll already have done with a Bluetooth headset. If this is not the case, I recommend looking for somewhere to leave the headphones hanging on the edge of the tablelike this base that you can make with a 3D printer where you can wind the cable if you do not use them, and maybe use an extension audio with female male connectors and paste it right under the desk.

Wireless charging cradles for mobile phones

All that is very good, but we forget an essential element today. Mobile phone. If your device supports inductive charging, you can pull out this Ikea solution called Rällen, which is perfectly integrated into a cable entry hole.

Rällen from IKEA, wireless charging for your mobile phone without a single visible cable

And if your phone has no wireless charge, you can check if a case can give you the functionality of charging by induction . Be careful, your mobile will charge more slowly if you do it using this method, so we can move on to the next proposal, leaving the cable ready to use and out of sight.

Another alternative is to buy a support for the mobile and camouflage the cable with one of the techniques we have proposed or put it on top of an ad-hoc cable hole if you always leave it in the same place.

Sugru Cable Grip

Carrying accessories

For very little money we can find led accessories to guide them through the desk. We can even create them ourselves with Putty or Sugru.

Cable ties with magnets

Also, and for very little money we have this type of brackets for cables that are magnetic and allow to leave the cables in order and even hanging out of sight and use them when we need them.

Xiaomi Yeelight Flexo

Rechargeable LED lamps for a radical change in your table

Even if you do not believe it, there are LED table lamps with batteries. This Xiaomi lamp model has a rechargeable battery. Yes, the duration is only 5 hours, but to make the picture of a clean desk will come great.

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