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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018: 7 Non-Material Gifts to Surprise Your Father

Surprise Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2018

On father’s day 2018, you should try something new. We all can give material things as gifts to our parents on their special days. However, real love might sometimes be best depicted through intangible things. Thus, we have come up with 7 non-material gift ideas, which can surely surprise your father on this special day. If you do not know what to give to your father on coming father’s day, what better than to surprise him with one of these incredible gifts that are not material things. These father’s day gift ideas 2018 would surely make your father proud of having a child like you.


Making him happier than ever!

Occasion: Father’s Day 2018

Date: Sunday, 17th June

1. Prepare an exquisite lunch or meal on father’s day

We all know that a good meal makes up one’s heart. What could be better than a father’s day lunch specially cooked for him on this special day. Prepare your father an exquisite lunch or meal cooked with all your love, and he will surely be very grateful and happy. In addition you can also enjoy the kitchen and this experience, so it will be a gift for you as well. You can search for a variety of menu suggestions and recipes for this important occasion. And of course don’t forget to accompany the meal with a good vine!

1. Prepare an exquisite lunch or meal on father's day

 2. Invite Your Father to a Movie that Matches his Taste

Spending time with your father should be your father’s day goal in 2018. There couldn’t be a better gift than to invite your father to go together to see a good movie at the cinema! Apart from being a great gift, it is also the ideal scenario to spend more time with him, and the perfect way to bond!

2. Invite Your Father to a Movie that Matches his Taste

3. Accompany Your Father to his Favorite Sport on Father’s Day

If your father likes to play sports, this is the perfect time for you to accompany him and learn a little of his hobby! And if you are also a fan of the same sport take advantage of going to play together since a little competition does not hurt anybody! Apart from being a perfect father’s day gift idea, this could also be a great outdoor and healthy activity. Spending time outdoors with your father can provide you with recreation along with nourishing the bond with your father. 

3-Favorite Sport on Father's Day

4. Invite Your Father to Eat at his Favorite Restaurant

Inviting your father to eat at his favorite restaurant (as long as you do not shoot off your budget, as we all know that sometimes they can have a slightly elevated taste) is an excellent non-material surprise gift idea for your dad on father’s day! Both you and your father will be able to enjoy a delicious meal and you guys can have a very good conversation.

4. Invite Your Father to Eat at his Favorite Restaurant

5. Update Your Father’s Music List

Is your father one of those people, who are still stuck in the past and still listens to music with CDs?

Or has 20 songs on his list?

If that’s the case, then it’s the perfect time for you to update his music list. Or, you can open a Spotify account for your father and help him to assemble different playlists! It is definitely a gift that requires more work, but your father will be very grateful!

5-Update Your Father's Music List

6. Organize Your Father’s Closet as a Father’s Day Gift

Do you have a father who is a little messy? A wonderful gift that you can give him on father’s day is to offer him to organize his closet. You can arrange all his clothes. Order the ties properly and polish his shoes. To add up to the closet organization, you can also gift him a nice looking suit, and hang it up in the closet. He’ll be overjoyed to see the organized closet along with the new addition. 

6. Organize Your Father's Closet as a Father's Day Gift

7. Give Your Father A Photo Album of Your Last Vacation Together

We usually take a lot of photographs on family trips and vacations. With the help of smartphones, it gets even more easier to capture those perfect moments. We do have hundreds of photographs in our smartphones, however, most of us don’t get the get the time and get them printed. Hence the idea of beautiful family photo-albums is not so in nowadays. What you can do on this father’s day, is to create an album of your last vacation together. Gift your father this photo album of this father’s day and he is surely going to love it.

7. Give Your Father A Photo Album

Guys, this is all for today. Hope you loved our suggestions about father’s day gift ideas 2018, these non-material gifts can surprise your father on this special day. Do let us know which father’s day gift you opt for.

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Happy Father’s Day!


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