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Fast and efficient-SO CHIC by Grosfillex the new DIY system anti-debris

Fast and efficient: “SO CHIC” by Grosfillex the new DIY system anti-debris

There are many initiatives in vinyl, adhesives, paper or paint, to give a radical and effective change to the decoration. There are also many effects that these finishes offer, but among them comes “SO CHIC” by Grosfillex , some adhesive tiles to reform DIY and forget about the decorative works that bring debris, dust and cement.

Decorative Tiles For Pasting So Chich1 768x514

The firm Grosfillex takes a step forward with this simple and innovative solution full of appeal, both for its color, as for the ease of use. The SO CHIC collection is used on any wall without the need for prior treatment . The main characteristic of this product is the high adhesion . Even so, what makes SO CHIC so striking is the perfect finishing of its pieces, as we can see in the images.

Decorative Tiles For Pasting So Chich H

If you are a lover of hydraulics, do not stay with the desire to install it, this is the right time. With the individual tiles of high quality PVC and its soft touch reliefs it will be easy to establish a fast decorative change on a multitude of surfaces. Another of its qualities is the ability to combine your drawings , this way your DIY will be unique and personal.

Decorative Tiles For Pasting So Chich2 768x514

SO CHIC has 24 combinable completions between them , and its resistance to water makes it suitable for humid areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens . With SO CHIC of Grosfillex we discover a world full of decorative ideas for fronts of cupboards, appliances, furniture in general and even front of stairs can be decorated with these tiles. Great proposals to give a comfortable and fun change to the spaces and enrich them with this multicolored palette .

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