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Facial recognition on any Windows 10 machine: that’s what the future Microsoft 4K webcam promises

It’s been a while since Microsoft developed their own webcam, but that could change according to the latest reports that have come from sources close to the company.

In fact, these data reveal that Microosft will soon present a new webcam with the capacity to record in 4K and also offer support for Windows Hello. The peripherals can be used on any PC or laptop with Windows 10, but they will also be compatible with the Xbox One.

Face recognition for all Windows 10 users

These devices could become great options for those who want to benefit from facial recognition on their PCs and laptops when they do not have a webcam with Windows Hello support.


This technology has served as an interesting alternative to authenticate us in Windows 10 and various services and applications in the Microsoft operating system, but only some laptops have Windows Hello compatible cameras , and this webcam would offer support for that option and would give all users an alternative to be able to integrate this facial recognition into their teams.

It could also be used in the Xbox One, thus replacing the facial recognition provided by Kinect when it comes to instantly logging into the Microsoft console. That would join the ability to record video in 4K, something that for example could be a very striking feature for youtubers and twitchers.

Panos Panay himself, head of the Surface division, said Microsoft could launch a webcam with USB-C connection. In fact it referred to the one that exists in the Surface Hub 2 and pointed out that this experience could be extended to other devices. So, everything seems ready for 2019 to have a new and interesting Microsoft peripheral.

Via | ZDNet

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