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motorcycle tools

Essential Motorcycle Tools for Bike Enthusiasts

Motorcycle Tools and Safety for Your Bike Maintenance

Are you young and not a great professional when it comes to do a mechanic’s job? Your bike has suffered from some kind of mechanical damage and you do not have the money to get it repaired from a professional mechanic? I have lived and now I want to share some necessary motorcycle tools that would help you out in such situations. These motorcycle tools are a must have if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, or just want to do routine maintenance tasks on your own.

motorcycle tools

Anyone who likes the world of motorcycles is indispensable to know that some simple mechanical elements, units of measurement and daily tools are required to do minor maintenance and repair. If you want to do these tasks by yourself, then the tools that you should not miss on are pipe wrench, flat wrench, metal gauge, metal ruler, zondas, screwdrivers, tongs, torque wrench, tester, thread-gauge, hammers, pliers and cat-tool.

If you decide to do some repairs on your motorcycle you should take certain precautions. Firstly, it is essential to have a maintenance manual, supplied by the manufacturer. It indicates the periodicity of oil changes, as well as the detail of revision. A technical workshop manual and a detailed technical magazine that corresponds to the exact model of the motorcycle are also essential.

Necessary Motorcycle Tools for a Bike Enthusiast

motorcycle tools and safetyKeys

A key is an essential part of the motorcycle tools of a mechanic. It comes in a large number of types and sizes. Each provides grip and mechanical advantage in the application of torque to turn the nuts and bolts or tighten them to prevent it from turning. They are available in all sizes and it’s important to keep a collection of keys in your toolkit. Normally their sizes range from 6mm to 14mm, 17mm, and 19mm. It is ideal to have at least two sets of these keys: one for the nut and one for the head of the bolt. It is also useful to have a set of small, open-ended ignition wrenches. These will specifically serve the needs to open ignition end parts. Since there are many types of adjusting wrenches for specific mechanical work, you should always look for a set most suitable for your specific needs.


Screwdrivers – small and short to large and long – are a basic motorcycle tool that enthusiasts need in every job of servicing or repairing a bike. Apart from the popular flat head and Phillips, there are more types of screw heads that may need specific types of screwdrivers such as Allen, star and square conductors. A screwdriver can also be used as a support tool for various types of lever and chisels.

Impact Conductor

Phillips head screws used on many motorcycles actually enclose the threads in aluminum crankcases. If they need to be removed, instead of the basic screwdriver, an impact screwdriver is best used. The impact screwdriver can use drills or plugs. When using an impact screwdriver, the proper size of a bit or socket is placed on the conductor, then on the screw.

Lift Motor

Also known as an engine crane or a cherry picker, engine lift is an essential tool in removing and lifting an engine. Engine removal often becomes a requisite for repairs. This gets really simple with the help of a lift motor. As an engine weighs more than the average human can lift, the elevator becomes a motor of life, and again, saver. Its action consists of joining a heavy duty chain for the engine and the use of a cantilevered crank to pull the engine up and out of the frame.

Electric tools

It is important to keep the wiring of a bike in perfect condition. A voltmeter is a useful motorcycle tool to check any problems with wiring. According to many experts a digital multi-meter, remote start switch and test drill insulation probes are other important electrical tools for a bike mechanic.

Hex or Torx Bits and Socket Set

Apart from wrenches, hexagonal and Torx bits and socket assemblies provide better precision for tightening screws of different sizes. These tools come in various sizes depending on the dimensions of the nuts and bolts. These are attached to one end of a hand ratchet to access a nut or bolt.

General safety instructions

When repairing the gas supply circuit, take the necessary precautions against fire. This will help you avoid any risk of flame or spark resulting from the use of electrical equipment. It is essential to have an extinguisher on hand. Use a cold, less volatile degreaser to degrease the parts, which is available at any motorcycle accessories store. Otherwise, use a mixture of ordinary gasoline and heavy oil.motorcycle tools and safety

Also, when lifting a motorcycle, you should systematically place it on blocks. There are chances of a fall if you let it simply rest on the cat. Your safety is up to you. If you lift heavy objects, use a system of pulleys of good quality and sufficient lifting capacity. Avoid leaving the tools and the container on the floor to change the oil or rags filled with grease. The floor should be clean and grease-free so as not to slip. Now that you know the basic motorcycle tools, start your wits and repair your motorcycle. Always do keep these precautions in place.

Guys, this is all for today. Hope all you enthusiasts loved this posts about essential motorcycle tools. Please do share your input with us, and do subscribe to receive all the important updates.

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Happy Bike Repairs!


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