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Would you encourage yourself to build your own mini house-Minim House proposes you to do it yourself

Would you encourage yourself to build your own mini house? Minim House proposes you to do it yourself.

The mini houses and micro homes have become a phenomenon that goes beyond a simple fad. It is a new way of perceiving oneself in an urban space, having to sacrifice many aspects of comfort and functionality . The small area that we have available in certain cases has led us to think of the concept “mini” as an alternative to stay in urban centers and not move away to the suburbs.

In other cases we do not have the possibility of acquiring land or an apartment. This can lead many young people, and not so young, to have to install in the family home. The mini houses are then an alternative to install in a garden and thus have greater independence. To reduce costs, the company Minim Micro House has decided to put on sale the plans of its mini house 2.0 model of just over 25 square meters . An interesting idea for those who feel with the soul of builders.

Minim Micro House 2

This proposal has a double use. On the one hand, you get the blueprints and the construction manual of a functional and comfortable house without having to improvise and end up with bad surprises. On the other hand, when assembling it yourself, you save of course all the labor because you will have to acquire the materials and put yourself to work.

Minim Micro House 5 1
Minim Micro House 4

The cost of the plans of the Micro House Minim are 450 euros , which is a bargain if we take into account what it gives us in return. The package has not only the interior and exterior plans but with more than 100 documents among which you will have, assembly models, lists of necessary materials with references by brand.

Minim Micro House 5

To make matters worse, this “do it yourself” includes photographs of how to do it and how it has to be. Some customization alternatives will be finally proposed to you so that you can choose what is best for you as you progress in the work. Seeing all of the above Would I encourage you to build your own mini house yourself?

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