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Eight new types of natural stone come to the kitchen countertops from the hand of CUPA STONE

In a time when almost everything in decoration tends towards the return to the origins, the organic and the natural, CUPA STONE launches the new TERRA collection of premium natural stone designed for the kitchen. A selection of eight quartzites and granites, from quarries all over the world, that adapt to new homes that need natural, exotic, but above all, beautiful and useful materials.

ARCANO, ABISAL, ARTIC TEMPESTO, BLACK KENAI, BRUMA, BLACK HEBENUM, QUERQUS and SEQUOIA are born from nature to give authenticity to the most contemporary design and interior design projects. CUPA STONE has created this collection to value natural materials as a sustainable and quality alternative. The name of the range, besides being a nod to the Galician origins of the company, emphasizes the natural origin of the products, with extraordinary textures created by nature in the heart of the Earth.

Terra Querqus

Resistant to bending, high temperatures, scratching and UV rays, the natural stones of the TERRA collection are totally hygienic, waterproof and easy to maintain. Available in 2 and 3 cm table format, you can choose between two types of finishes: polished and aged.

Analyzing one by one … SEQUOIA quartzite with white tones and fine gray veins provides an elegant touch to the kitchen, combining with any style. Likewise, the BRUMA quartzite, in the first photo of this article, offers a mixture of neutral, white tones and with fine veins in dark gray, making it one of the most versatile materials in the range. Different shades of gray, cream and black come together in the ARTIC TEMPESTO, an ideal granite for the most daring looking for an explosion of originality for their kitchen.

Terra Arcano

One of the most surprising materials of the TERRA collection is the ARCANO granite, in the image on these lines, with an intense black background and dramatic white veins that remind us of the Milky Way. A material that gives any kitchen a touch of exotic sobriety, as well as the robustness of one of the most resistant natural stones of the planet, granite.

The dark shades of the range are complemented by the classic inspiration of the BLACK HEBENUM granite, which stands out for its intense black color and its incomparable shine. A natural stone that adapts to both white-colored kitchens and those who seek the total black effect. The versatility of the granites is completed by the BLACK KENAI, of great hardness and resistance, characterized by its black background and gray streaks with great movement.

Terra Abisal

QUERQUS quartzite (oak, in Latin) evokes the texture of wood with its brown and ivory tones and veins , as you can see in the second photo of this article. Ideal for classic kitchens, combines perfectly with other materials. Beauty in its pure state like granite. ABISAL that impacts by the movement that transmits with subtle changes of tone between the gray and the bluish shades and that you can see in the photo on these lines.

Although QUERQUS seems very surprising to me, I think that if I have to choose a countertop for my kitchen at this time I would stay with BRUMA. And you, what design do you choose?

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