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Easy to Make DIY Outdoor Garden and Patio Furniture

Garden furniture is one of the most crucial components in your backyard. You would like it to be cheap yet durable. Unique and attractive garden and patio furniture can make up one of the best relaxing place in your home. Finding DIY outdoor furniture that suits your desires, lifestyle and budget in a perfect way is extremely difficult to find in big stores. Finding suitable furniture for your backyard is also a tiring experience, since your garden might be smaller or bigger than the available furniture. The best way to achieve your plan for the homestead is to build these DIY outdoor garden and patio furniture pieces. This only requires appropriate tools for DIY work, building materials like wood and nails and the knowledge on how to build these structures using a DIY approach.


The most common outdoor furniture types, which are also easy to build include DIY outdoor chairs, sectional, benches, sofas, tables and DIY outdoor chaise.

How to Build DIY Outdoor Garden and Patio Furniture

Below are the steps to follow in constructing any of these structures in your home.


  1. Prepare and join the planks.

This is the primary step where you cut planks of appropriate size according to what type of furniture you are building. You can join the planks together using a couple of methods such as dowels or by drilling out a mortise. To create strong joints, you will need to drill out a mortise and fit a tenon-style joint or 10mm dowels when you add more along the length which will provide strong joints as well.

  1. Join the sections.

After preparing and joining the planks sections are formed and you will need to join them to form the desired tops or bigger parts of the structure you want to build. The sections are joined by use of screws and you should be careful to screw only the appropriate sections together. For example, in building a storage coffee table, slats are screwed into the sides and it is inappropriate to do it otherwise.

  1. Furnish your furniture.

Furnishing is something most people would deem unnecessary but it is really important since it makes your furniture look attractive. Imagine building a coffee table in your home, yet no one uses it simply because it does not ignite that urge of being around an attractive thing. You will agree with me that, it would be a close to useless work. Furnishing solves the “not attractive” issue in furniture and adds that extra beauty to your structures.

Woods Used to Make DIY Outdoor Garden and Patio Furniture

The type of wood used in DIY Outdoor Garden and Patio Furniture is also an important thing to consider while constructing these structures. Below are several kinds of wood to use.


  • Maple.

This is a common hardwood used in DIY Outdoor furniture. Maple is resistant to moisture and it also has a feature that makes it unique or stands out from other hardwood choices, which are the swirls in its wood grain. It is strong, durable and has a light color and it also takes paints and stains well.

  • Oak.

Its outstanding reputation of both strength and beauty makes it remain high on the DIY Furniture best woods option. Its reddish, green or pink tint depending on the type of oak used to make the wood furniture, is also a contributing factor to its reputation. Oak also takes paint and stains very easily. Because of its longstanding reputation, it has a relatively higher price than other hardwoods. It is easy to match and mix other furniture pieces since oak features open wood grain.

  • Cherry wood.

Cheery wood is a dense type of wood that is known to be rot and decay resistant. It can stand scratches, dings and dents at all time. It comes with noticeable grain and in deep red hues and it’s a strong wood too.

  • Cedar.

Cedar is a light, soft, easy to work with and can stay for years with no maintenance or treatment. It is resistant to rot and a very wide variety of insects including termite and beetle, which makes it a good choice for outdoor furniture. It requires no painting, staining or treating since it has natural resins, which make it hardy but doing so would increase its lifetime. It has a less lifetime when compared to hardwood timber, since it is a soft, light and a fast-growing wood, which weathers to a grey color when left untreated. Its warm tones of brown and red with a light grain makes it pretty easy to paint and stain.

When you are looking for the best wood to use while building DIY furniture for your garden, cedar is a great option.

Most commonly we build our DIY Outdoor Garden and Patio Furniture in the lawns and it is important to make the entire place as attractive as possible especially after you have finished building your furniture. Lawn care makes sure the lawn gets exactly what it needs for its health so as it can be consistent with the beautiful and eye-catching furniture you built.


Apart from creating DIY outdoor furniture for your garden, you must also take into consideration some of the best DIY steps to keep outdoor furniture clean. This will end up increasing the overall life of your beautiful garden along with keeping it tidy, clean and splendid.

That’s all for today. Hope you liked our post. Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Sarah works for Yourgreenpal and she loves gardening and lawn care.

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