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Do it yourself: How to create a shelf with old drawers in a simple and very attractive way

At some point, we all find ourselves with a need to have some additional bookshelf at home. Placed either in our own bedroom or in children’s room. Kitchen and living rooms can also their beauty with this cool addition. The simplest thing is, of course, to go buy them at a store. Or otherwise a more DIY approach is to eventually assemble them at home. That’s it, we have our problem sorted out. However, there is also the alternative of making ourselves customized shelves with material of different origins.

Today, the proposed DIY idea is to make yourself a shelf with old drawers that you no longer use. It is an interesting way to recycle a piece of furniture or part of it, as well as a way to create something new that will be just as you imagine it to be. For this you will not need much material or a lot of time. In a few hours of work and some drying time you can create a beautiful and original bookshelf.

Diy shelving

For the completion of this DIY project, you will need the following items: drawers, sandpaper for wood, paint or varnish, wood glue, screws and fasteners for fixing and finally some imagination. The best thing would be to use drawers of different sizes to play with and create something original. Likewise, you could follow the same style of drawers or combine them according to the results you are looking for.

Diy shelving

For the step by step, first you have to sand the drawers very well to remove traces of previous varnish or paint. Then you will apply either a new varnish with a color that you like more. If you prefer you can also apply some color paint for wood. When you have the drawers ready, you will place them next to each other to create the shape of your bookshelf. When you have found the desired shape, you are going to stick all the drawers with wood glue. Let them dry well so that they are fixed as recommended by the glue manufacturer.

Diy shelving

When you have all the steps above ready, it will be time to install the shelf on the wall. For them nothing is easier than to drill the back of the upper and lower drawers where the screws will pass. Color the dowels on the wall, fix and go. You will have a shelf ready as you have imagined, with little material, quickly and easily. A good DIY idea to share and do as a family.

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