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DIY Photography – Shooting Nature with Smart Phone

How to Shoot Nature with Smart Phone

Once a good man said “Perfect timing is the key to achieve big goals”, so is the case with photography. A good photograph does not carry expensive equipment behind it, but a perfect timing is what it takes to capture an unforgettable moment. Today, we are gonna talk about Shooting Nature with Smart Phone. 

National Geographic Photographer Jim Richardson is among the most famous photographers in this age. Jim is also the source of some of the Best Photography Advice that you can get these days. Jim believes that expensive gear has nothing to do with capturing an unforgettable moment.

He once said “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” If we take a look around us, our nature has been gifted with almost everything, Form Mountains of Himalayas to deep oceans of Atlantic, from the jungles of Amazon to the grassy lands of Iceland, and thanks to the smart phones we are never short of a good camera as well.

Despite all the ingredients of nature presented to us, we still need to understand the significance of capturing the best moment. Here are some DIY tricks, which can be helpful in capturing magnificent photographs in your next photography adventure.

1.  The Horizon

A crooked horizon can ruin the beauty of any captured landscape. Try straightening up your horizon according to the landscape you are capturing. Take your time and explore the beauty with your eye and try capturing it from the lens of your smart phone.

horizon photography

2. HDR mode or RAW mode

Now we have verity of smart phones that come with different camera setups. We all have an HDR mode in our smart phone camera app. It is a big opportunity for you to capture each and every detail using the HDR or RAW mode. HDR is capable of capturing rapid shots, which can be helpful in capturing and selecting the best shot available. HDR or RAW mode can help you capture the landscape up to the most minor details. HDR or RAW mode is very effective in capturing high contrast landscapes in broad day light.

hdr raw photography

3. Perfect timing

Perfect timing is everything if you want to capture something outstanding. Using all the natural elements can make your photographs more exciting and appealing. Always chose the golden hours for capturing the sunset. Using all the natural resources is always a wise option, which can eventually payback in terms of a magnificent photograph.

perfect timing photography

4. Don’t forget to add all the details

A landscape or a waterfall can be mesmerizing if you can manage to capture every single detail of it. Using the broader frame of view, you can see what is necessary for your photographs. Adding all the details will complete your photograph. For example, if you are capturing a waterfall and you have not added a portion of sky to it your photograph will lack the beauty it deserves. Similarly capturing the sunset without the golden sky is of no beauty and may never fulfill the characteristics of a great shoot.

details photography

5. Be careful with the sun

Using the natural light is an art and if you can manage to learn this art you will be able to capture the most amazing shots of your photography collection. Putting the sun in the right direction of your frame is highly important. If you have not placed the light source where it is needed you may not be able to see the beauty form your lens.

In high contrast images, sun should always be at your back and your exposure should remain in minimum figures. Moreover, while capturing a landscape where sun is at your front, you should chose faster shutter speed. Try placing the lens flare in the right direction so that you may have a clear view of your subject as well as the surroundings.

sun shadow

6. Rule of Third

Notice if your smart phone has built-in grids, if not you can have some free applications on the internet, which install these grids in the camera app. This grid can split the frame into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. Here is one of the most basic rules of photography called “The rule of third”.

Remember you have to put the horizon of your landscape on one of two horizontal lines. This is how you can have a balanced photograph. Still these rules and grids may not fulfill your needs, remember what your eye can see is the best and you have to put it through your smart phone camera.

rule of third

7.  Scale your Image

The beauty of an image can be ruined with a camera very easily, so be careful and always scale up your image and keep on adding the most interesting parts of nature in your frame. The wide-angle lens is one of the leading factors contributing to ruin the beauty of an image. Still you can always find anything to scale up your image. It can be anything, rocks, people, trees or animals. Keep thinking and keep adding until you feel the perfection coming down in your frame. If you are lucky, a flock of birds can always help you scale up your image.


I hope you like these DIY tips about shooting nature with smart phone and you will definitely use them during your next photography adventure. For more exciting DIY projects stay connected and subscribe to our newsletter.




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