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DIY for those who do not conceive Christmas without some original decorative candles

We are in December! time of union, good vibes and geek-decoration in almost the entire planet. If you are one of those who, besides looking, comparing and buying Christmas decorations, you also like to contribute DIY ideas and above, you can not go without a festive table that includes decorative candles. Sure you are interested in the ones we propose today.

Candle holders with metal effect plastic spoons

Necessary material and steps to follow.

Rigid base (cardboard, cardboard, cork …) for fastening. On this basis other materials will be glued.

Spoons with silver effect, golden, also serve the metallic ones of colors. They should all be cut to the same extent and leaving the beginning of the curve resting on the base. They stick with hot silicone or contact glue. The first option is the fastest.

Contact glue or heat gun. We will form a composition as a flower to finish with a mini candle on the top that will cover all the cuts of the spoons. That will be how it will end when you finish it.


With the same proceeding for the bonding in different direction, vertical DIY can be carried out.

Dscf1766 Jpg

Glass cups for recycling and decorating

Necessary materials and steps to follow.

Glass jars or small glasses (glass containers for yogurts)

Acrylic paint of gold color or mustard and golden glitter. With it the lower part of the glass is painted and immediately afterwards it is submerged in glitter or glitter. This will be stuck as soon as the paint dries. Advice; paint as straight as you can and the result will have a more detailed linear finish. The bodybuilder’s tape can help you.

Lastly and the simplest thing is to introduce small candles giving it height with a cork base. If you prefer, you can make wax of the color you like the most by melting the remains of other candles in the water bath and getting the color with pencils of drawing wax.


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  1. Aha! So coool. I like that spoon candle, so creative. I can’t even imagine myself making such a thing in my whole life. But I should say I did one last December with a dozen of LED lighting modules. It started as a trial for my restaurant, I wanted a digital price chart. Since everything was available first time in my life I created one. And it is working even now.

    • Hi Emrani, its great that you tried to create one. Do check out other DIY’s and do try creating them on your own.

      • Of course, I am huge fan of DIYers like you. it’s always good when we get a push from somebody we call an expert. Thank you for that, brother. I am planning to fit one of those left over LED lighting modules on my car as a break light flicker. But lack know-how lol. But soon will learn from a mechanic, whom I have called to come to my building.

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