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DIY with golden spray and natural leaves to decorate the most homelike Christmas

What if you have a Christmas tree here and balls on the other hand. We will unpack all kinds of Christmas jewelry that we keep as gold cloth for the rest of the year. Speaking of gold, the kind of decoration that we really like in December is often loaded with glitter, gold and everything that shines and attracts attention.

That’s why today we were inspired by this precious metal with which to achieve simple and original details for our home. An easy DIY that would take just a few hours and low economic cost, made only with spray paint and flowers or leaves.

Gold In Spray

Golden deciduous leaves

Leaf hanging

The leaves can be natural or taken from artificial flower bouquets. Good idea, right?

Natural leaves

Having all the required material at hand, it is time to think what tools should be prepared. Line a table with a plastic tablecloth or you can even choose large bags of the same disposable material, “the ideal table to work with spray”. You can arrange the sheets in a row leaving space between each of them and then spray using a spray paint can. Many spray paints are available with extra glitter in the market to give another texture to the finishes.

Normally spray paint tends to dry quickly and in 10 or 15 short minutes. You have to be clear about what kind of decoration you are going to make and not paint leaves like crazy. Always a basic model or a preconceived idea is more interesting.

As we propose things that you can decorate this way; there are many options like leaf pendants, leaf and flower chains, centerpieces made with simple branches or branches with wild fruits and all of them painted with golden spray. Sometimes the spray paints are too strong, so a mask is the right thing to work with these sprayers. Make sure to avoid letting it in your eyes and breath. When you finish, decorate and distribute around the house, on the dining table or decorate a center or tray with the leaves and some candles. In the case of the cover image, these decorations are used on a mirror. You can try to replicate a mirror with golden leaves using this technique as well.

With all these steps, very nice results are achieved so that they serve as inspiration for the next festivities.

Fall Glitter Leaves

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