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DIY Decoration With Stuffed Animals and Toys

I do not know about your kids, however, at my home there is a weakness for stuffed animals of all sizes and shapes. Although stuffed animals are undoubtedly the most beloved creation and my little one is always willing to “adopt” more. That is why they are always a “must” in your DIY decoration with stuffed animals and toys plan. Although perhaps some of them, their favorites among all, end up accompanying them in adolescence. From that stage we still do not have much experience! (Because we almost do not remember).

Today – we want to talk about one of the latest decoration trends in using stuffed toys in children’s rooms.

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Why Choose Stuffed Toys For Decoration

One of the concerns when one is expecting a baby, it is always the difficulty to choose and buy everything that concerns the new member of the family: chairs, high chairs, wardrobe etc. Because we want everything to be beautiful, practical, of quality and to grow with our children. However, we get lost in the multitude of options we have in the market. Especially if it is the first small and everything catches us new.

When our little bundle of joy arrived in this world, I opted for a convertible room. The crib and the changing table became a bed and a desk with side drawers when it was growing. Very functional, but what I really loved was the amount of accessories to complement that basic decoration. I remember buying three beautiful children’s theme paintings, plus a hippopotamus plush wall meter, with its matching wicker basket.


Then came ideas such as a reading corner, a play room, the Nordic or mid-century decoration touches, or much more colorful …

If you like this trend or you are looking for quality articles, find a good toy-store near you. These stores have a wide range of furniture, accessories and everything you need to decorate a child’s room.

Common Trends of Decoration with Stuffed Animals

  • Among all these trends, the plush heads is one of the most current accessories for children’s rooms. Although in some cases they are called trophies, really these animals will give a sweet touch to the room and also stimulate the imagination of the smallest of the house because it is as if a small fauna peeked into your room through a small hole in the wall.
  • In addition, depending on the setting we are looking for, we can choose jungle animals, such as the lion, the tiger or the giraffe for those more colorful or the polar bear and the panda for Nordic rooms or set in the mountain. You can decorate the walls with a single stuffed animal or combining several as we have seen in some of our favorite blogs.


Whatever the option that convinces you most, you will find all of them in your nearest toy store 🙂

Guys, that’s all for today. Hope you liked our post about common trends in DIY decoration with stuffed animals and toys.

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