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diy fire starters

DIY Camping – How to Create Fire Starters

3 Useful Ways to Create Fire Starters for Your Next Camping Trip

Guys, when you go out to the wild and take a trip to the nature’s wonderful offerings, there need to be a few things that you must learn to make your trip memorable. Creating a fire is the most important thing in your visit to wilderness. Gone are the days when people used to search for cracker stones to set fires, today, we are gonna share a few handy techniques, which will help you create fire starters, these handy jobs will help you light a fire in no time and with very little effort.

Ready for a Bonfire?


Create Fire Starters From Used Candles

Items: Used Candles, Six-Pack paper egg-carton, laundry lint

Step 1: Cut through a few used candles and get the thread out of them

Step 2: Melt the candles in a pot until its liquefied.

Step 3: Take small pieces of laundry lint and place them in all six boxes of paper egg-carton

Step 4: Pour the molten wax over laundry lint in all six spaces.

Step 5: Leave to dry for fifteen minutes.

Step 6: Cut all the six parts of egg-carton and you have six fire starters with you.

Whenever you want to start a fire, you can light one piece up and put a few small woods over it, you can have yourself a lasting fire.


Create Fire-sticks from Toilet Paper

Items: Matchbox, Toilet Paper Roll, Used Candles.

Step 1: Take a toilet roll, and snatch out a small tissue portion out of it.

Step 2: Cut the tissue into half.

Step 3: Roll the toilet paper over a matchstick while leaving the head revealed.

Step 4: Get some candles and melt them in a pot.

Step 5: Dip the stick in hot molten wax and leave it for fifteen minutes to dry.

Step 6: Take a small tin container and store all the dipped match sticks in it.

You have yourself fire-sticks with an ever-lasting flame, this flame won’t even go off with wind. If you wanna make a fire using this fire-stick then just light it up and place small pieces of wood over it.

Cotton Fire Balls

Items: Cotton Balls, Petroleum Jelly, Alcohol

Step 1: Take a few cotton balls and dip them in Alcohol

Step 2: Get each one out and apply a thick petroleum jelly coating over it.

Step 3: Store all the cotton balls in a tin container and you have got yourself a fire starter.

Just light it up and put some woods over it to make a wonderful fire.

We hope all the mentioned methods will help you create fire starters for your next camping trip. That’s all for today, we will keep on giving you useful tips to make handy items out of your everyday stuff. Don’t forget to subscribe to all our updates.

Happy Camping!

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