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The decorative week: white Christmas, very bright houses and what it will take in 2019

The week in the decorative blogosphere has been alternating more proposals for Christmas decoration with the trends for 2019. The bombing of the choice of Living Coral as a color of 2019 by Pantone, has also flooded the networks of that color, but we must recognize that the idea we love.

So we started our weekly summary with Una Pizca de Hogar and his proposals to avoid making mistakes when decorating with the Living Coral color of 2019 according to Pantone . And although it is a beautiful and very natural color, it can be complicated to incorporate it into certain homes if we do not know how.


Returning to the theme of Christmas, in My House is not of Dolls showed us a series of Christmas details for these days, we are all clear tree theme and Bethlehem theme, but we also like to innovate with other options.

Also this week in Virlova’s blog we saw decorative ideas for a blank Christmas. Although red and green are always the most demanded colors, white and gold are gaining followers among those who prefer a more discreet decoration for the holidays.


The year ends and soon a new one will begin, so the blogosphere begins to comment on what will take next year. For example, in Chic and Deco we spoke these days of deco trends for next 2019.

In Decofeeligns they showed us the Lewisham house that is already ahead of the trends and includes the Living Coral in the textile accessories of the bedroom. Probably the coral was already among us more than we were aware of, but after Pantone’s announcement, we paid more attention to it.

Interior Comodoos

And, finally, in the decorative blogosphere, topics of general interest continue to be published. Light and clarity are always carried, every season, every year and they will also continue to be worn in 2019 … In Comodoos Interiores they spoke to us these days about how to take care of light in interior design.

And we closed with La Bici Azul that also spoke to us of light, in particular, focusing the keys to get a luminous bath. And is that the bathroom is sometimes an interior stay as few natural light inputs, in which achieving clarity is more complicated.

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