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The decorative week: Inspiration to decorate the table at Christmas and some gift ideas

In nothing we will be setting the table to begin with the official celebrations of Christmas . Many of us have already had the advance with the company dinners, but now it’s our turn to prepare the party at home for those closest to the family … So our weekly summary today comes loaded with inspiration for these holidays, to make the table and to choose gifts.

We started with Boho Deco Chic and with the proposal that we made these days for the decoration of the table in parties with IKEA inspiration. On the one hand with details of the Swedish firm and another designed to enjoy a family Christmas following the line of the campaign of the season.


In Chic and Deco we have also seen ideas for Christmas decorating this week, in particular, they are betting on a Christmas in burgundy tones, a daring proposal and different from the usual but that can give an original and elegant touch to the celebrations.

In Dar Amina, they opt for the norétnico style to decorate the table at Christmas. If you are tired of traditional Christmas decorations and are looking for something really different this may be a good option.


In Delikatissen, they bet on the classic Scandinavian style and they propose 6 keys for a Nordic Christmas. There are not only ideas for the table, also for other environments of the house, but always in the same line.

In My House is not dolls focus on one of the elements of the table that will have more prominence in these dates as is the cup for the toast. We will all serve wine and cava and we will have the opportunity to toast with friends and family with the best wishes for the new year. 21 perfect glasses showed us a few days ago.


But even though the table is the most important, the gifts are also important and that’s why we have looked for some inspiration for our requests to the wise men and we have found a list of discoveries of Christmas decorative gifts that have been made in La Bici Azul.

Of course the gifts do not have to be only material things, they can also be experiences and in that sense we bet on a bridge of disconnection in this hotel in France so adorable that we were taught a few days ago in Decofeelings.

Happy Sunday! and Merry Christmas! We return in 7 days with what will be the last decorative week of this year 2018.

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