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Do you dare to paint the walls of the house-We tell you how

Would you dare to paint the walls of the house? We tell you how

Goodbye August, hello September! Yes, dear readers. August gives his last shots, and September sticks out the leg , with the start of the school year and the return to routine.

If you still have a few days off before joining the job, it is still a good idea to take advantage of the house and paint the walls before the cold arrives, as this way you can ventilate the house without problems and the paint will dry before.


So if you are determined to give a new look to your home by painting it, here are some tips to paint the walls and not die trying .

  • To begin, choose the colors. Study what are the colors of fashion, and also, the colors that best suit your home depending on size, brightness … For example, if the house is small, it is better to bet on light colors.
  • Calculate the surface you are going to paint, and choose the type of paint: matte, satin, gloss, monolayer …
Tips for painting the house
  • Put protective paper tape or bodybuilder tape covering door and window frames, plugs, skirting boards, switches, or in spaces such as the dividing line of ceiling and wall.
  • Pick up carpets, cover the lamps with plastic, and move the furniture that bothers you to paint, and cover those that you will not be able to move by weight, because they can not be dismantled, or because you do not have space to move them.
How to paint the house
  • Prepare the walls beforehand if you want to get a good result. Remove the gotelé, remove chips, close cracks with putty, remove the screws that may have … Leave it smooth before you start painting!
  • When you go to paint, read carefully the instructions provided by the manufacturer. First, remove the paint thoroughly before starting to apply it.
  • You will have to give at least two coats of paint if you want to get a good result. In case you previously do the priming of the walls (improves the fixing of the paint on the wall), or if you paint with monolayer paint, with one layer will suffice.

Photography: Pixabay

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