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The connected home can also reach the home garden with these five smart accessories and always connected

The connected home can also reach the home garden with these five smart accessories and always connected

With the arrival of good weather there are few users who decide to take advantage of the garden at home (the lucky ones who own one) to spend their moments of rest and rest. An area of ​​the house that does not escape the world of home automation and total control that facilitates the home always connected .

The garden little by little sees how devices reach the market that allow us to ignore the care and maintenance tasks. Irrigation, lawn care or the control of the temperature of the earth can now be managed from the smartphone , an option that may surely interest some users. That’s why we’ve searched for five gadgets that will help us better manage the garden in an intelligent way.

Control of presence by irrigation

Yard Enforcer

Having the lawn in good condition is easier with this intelligent irrigation system that also serves to encourage unwanted animals. It is an Orbit intelligent sprinkler called Yard Enforcer that bases its operation on the detection of movement thanks to the sensor it incorporates.

When noticing the presence of some animal that can damage the state of the lawn activates the irrigation system with the particularity that the water will only go in the direction where the intruder is . We can improve the care of the grass by only stopping the visits of unwanted animals. It costs 128 euros on Amazon.

 Smart flowerpot

Flower pot

Do you go on vacation and do not want to let your plants dry? At Amazon you can find this smart Parrot pot . It has a price of 78 euros and integrates an automatic irrigation system with a water reserve of 2.4 liters.

Available in three colors (white, red and black), it bases its operation on the 4 sensors it integrates in charge of measuring humidity, fertilizer, light and temperature . Once the measurements have been made, the pot sends the values ​​to our smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition, to improve management, the app, available on iOS and Android, has a database of more than 8,000 plants.

Remote irrigation control

Netro Smart

The Netro Smart is a device that allows us to manage the irrigation system in an intelligent and centralized way . This system allows the creation of an irrigation program for all the sprinklers that we have installed at home with the particularity that it has to learn from our use.

For example, if it detects high temperatures, it increases the rate of watering and avoid operating at night to avoid too much humidity at low temperatures and concentrate its operation in hot hours. In winter and at low temperatures, the system can stop its operation to prevent frozen water from damaging the irrigation system. It also supports the Alexa voice controls of Amazon and Google Assistant . It has a price on the manufacturer’s website of about 119 dollars

Weather Station


For almost 300 euros we can get to this weather station that includes four atmospheric sensors that are responsible for measuring factors such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure or precipitation.

It integrates a wide vision camera that allows controlling what happens at a distance thanks to the Weather Map app. In addition, we can forget about the power supply, since the system uses a battery that recharges thanks to a solar panel that it incorporates .

Intelligent lawn mower

Lawn Mower Robot

For almost 1,000 euros we can find Amazon this lawn mower designed for the care of small surfaces of lawn up to 500 square meters . A robot mower that integrates to optimize its operation an anti-collision sensor that guarantees that the robot does not collide with obstacles in the garden.

It also allows remote control thanks to the Smart Gateway application , by which we use the connection to the network through our router. This way we can program it or make it work when we are not at home.

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