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This Christmas triumphs at home with an ugly sweater: 31 geek ideas for the Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas is time to return home to be with yours, copious dinners, gifts and tacky jerseys, the umpteenth tradition for these days of late capitalism . Surely by this time of year you’ve seen many ugly Christmas sweaters, but our selection of Christmas sweaters have a geek point.

Love for Christmas or bad taste? Be that as it may, leave your Grinch vein aside, immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas and liberate your more kitsch side. Also, you have no excuse: all are unisex. Will you appear with one on New Year’s Day?

Ugly Christmas Sweater: What it is and when it takes place

The ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ or Christmas jersey day is a tradition of recent creation that takes place on December 21, giving the kick-off to the parties. One day to leave the uniforms and casual clothes aside and stuff yourself in a Christmas sweater. The uglier, the better.

Judging by how quickly these jumpers are exhausted (you’ll find out below), the ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ is a tradition that every year is adding adepts. Participating is very simple: you only have to get one, take it during that day and immortalize the moment to later take it to your social networks.

Even if it’s December 21, you have another 364 days to dress with them, weather permitting. These are Christmas themed geek, but there are also some like the Windows 95 that has swept social networks.

The best ugly Christmas geek jersies

Jurassic Park


Five Jurassic Park movies after, it’s time to find something more terorific than the dinosaurs: this official Christmas jersey. In Merchoid for 54.99 euros.

Star Wars


One of the most popular movie sagas of all time, Star Wars, does not have an official Christmas jersey, but a complete line. And I have to say that they are very original and beautiful. One of the most striking is this Darth Vader. On Amazon for 44.99 euros

Luke Vs Darth Star Wars

Luke Vs Darth

Another that has caught our attention has been this, in which Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader face off in the middle of a snowflake print. On Amazon for 44.99 euros.

Star Wars: the trilogy of the jersey


How good the Christmas is for the Millennium Falcon ship. An original print on a really striking jersey. In Geekstore for 34.99 pounds.



This is the official ugly Christmas jersey of Batman, a garment that combines classic Christmas motifs like snowflakes with the silhouette of the bat and a scene between the superhero and one of his archenemies, the Joker. On Amazon for 44.99 euros.



We continue with the heroes of DC with Superman and a warning known to everyone from our early childhood “to the bad guys bring them coal”. On Amazon for 44.99 euros.



The official Christmas jersey of Spiderman has an original print, striking and beautiful, in fact. Who was going to tell us that the spiders were going to look so good with the snowflakes? For 49.99 euros in Merchoid.

Captain America


The Captain America is a sweater to not go unnoticed in any meeting worth his salt. And it is also reduced in Merchoid to 39.59 euros

Wonder Woman


It is not left behind in this sense that of Wonder Woman, with the unmistakable double vp crowning the chest of the garment. In Merchoid for 54.99 euros

The Lord of the rings


The novel (and the subsequent film saga) give enough material to make a complete collection of clothes, but we must recognize that the symbolism of this ugly Christmas sweater is quite original and accurate. The eye that sees everything, glimpsing the prawns of the Christmas Eve dinner. In Boxlunch for $ 44.92 , sold out.

Game of Thrones

Ho Ho Hodor

Another saga that is not far behind in terms of content and we also hope it continues to give more is that of Game of Thrones, both in serial format and in the novels of George RR Martin. In this case the endearing Hodor stars in the jersey. And is that if you have already tired of “ho ho hold the door”, at Christmas you can change it for the “ho, ho, ho” of Santa Claus. In The Wholesale T-shirt for $ 34.99.

Night King Game of Thrones


How can you not sit well with the snowflake print to the fearsome king of the night? After all, Winter is here. In target for $ 29.99, although they do not send to Europe and is exhausted. But it’s a real ugly Christmas jersey.

Harry Potter


Surprisingly this Christmas sweater is quite elegant, combining Christmas motifs with the heraldry of the Ravenclaw, one of the four houses in which the students of Hogwarts School are divided. In Merchoid for 54.99 euros.

Another Harry Potter

Hp 2

Fans of the JK Rowling novels also have several Christmas clothes to choose from, and the British style fits perfectly with the ugly Christmas jersey. This sweater is for lovers of minimalism in such a baroque garment. On Amazon for $ 59.99.

Adventure Time


‘Hora de Aventuras’ is a series of the most original and its official Christmas jersey can not but be at its height. What a chromatic combination. On Amazon for 44.39 euros, available in several sizes. Includes a gift pin.

Rick & Morty

Rick and Morty

Another series of drawings for adults like Rick & Morty has also been encouraged to launch their own ugly Christmas jersey, that all is said, is quite beautiful. In Merchoid for 34.99 euros.


Wall E

Eye because this design is the most attractive and original in blue and green with Wall-E and Eve from the beloved Disney Pixar movie Wall-E. A nice sweater and an even more beautiful movie to watch on these dates. In Boxlunch for $ 44.95, although it is sold out.



The year is 2999 and the beloved Santa Claus has become a fearsome robot that annihilates you if he catches you on the night of December 24th in the street. This is the Christmas of Futurama and so the plasma this Redd Bubble sweatshirt, for 35.25 euros.

Breaking Bad

Br Ba

Although the series came to an end a few years ago, Heisenberg continues to enjoy great popularity. This fine sweatshirt features the serigraphed protagonists and moderately Christmas motifs such as flasks, the laboratory van pulled by reindeer and some snowcapped cactus because why not. In Red Bubble for 29.88 euros.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball

Another mythical series of cartoons to remember is Dragon Ball, a Japanese series based on the manga with a Christmas jersey as colorful as the characters in the series. And is that your Christmas sweater combines oriental patterns with a bright orange that will make you shine more than a decorated fir. In Boxlunch for $ 44.92, sold out.

Pokemon Pikachu


From series of drawings to your jersey through a viral video game. ‘Pokémon’ has a large number of fans in any of its versions and this colorful jersey is certainly no exception, in fact it is sold out in Boxlunch, where it costs $ 23.49.

Super Mario


If there is a legendary character in the history of videogames, that is Mario. Our favorite plumber also has his official ugly jersey manufactured 100%. For 44.99 euros on Amazon.



Another iconic character that has become a cultural phenomenon of our generation is Sonic the hedgehog. A classic transferred to the jersey accompanied by Knuckles and Tails. In Geekstore for 34.99 pounds, without stock.

Crash Bandicoot


Although they are known as ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’, we have already seen that some are not only not ugly but have their point. It is not the case of the official Crash Bandicoot jersey, almost an attempt against good taste. In Geekstore for 19.99 pounds. Be careful because there are only a few units left



The saga of Nintendo Zelda also has its official jersey, a discreet model made of something and acrylic that can be found in Merchoid for 53.99 euros.

Kingdom Hearts


Much has rained since the first ‘Kingdom Hearts’ saw the light, however the latest data from 2017, a time to treasure fans of the saga of a wide range of ages that can fall in love with this official jersey official. In Boxlunch for $ 41.93, unfortunately he is exhausted.

Dungeons and Dragons


In Think Geek this official ugly jersey of Dungeons and Dragons ( $ 49.99 ) is already sold out , a 100% acrylic model with relative good taste combining dragons and axes with snowflakes.

Street Fighter: Ken Vs Ryu


Another multiplata mythical game that entertained our childhood in arcade machines is the Street Fighter. In the chest area, the classic fight between Ken vs. Ryu adorned by snowflakes. In Merchoid for 39.99 euros, although sadly without stock.

Fallout 76


The ugly Christmas jerseys are already a fun tradition and if they are called that it is for models like this one from the video game Fallout 76, a truly unprepossessing garment. Although for tastes the colors. On Amazon for 44.99 euros.

Playstation 4


Why choose an iconic game and choose a video game console? Even Playstation has its own ugly official jersey, a garment in which the snowflakes share the pattern along with the classic control icons: circle, “X”, square and triangle. In Geekstore for 19.99 pounds.

Space Invaders


If you are a fan of the legendary ‘Space Invaders’ seventies game, this jersey perfectly combines the Christmas spirit with the iconic Martians. It is striking and very original. In Geekstore for 19.99 pounds.

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