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All the DIY Home Projects that you can do on your own, with just a little help from DIY Somo


Home Decor: Where to Save and Where to Splurge

The expense involved with decorating and furnishing a home can really increase quickly. If you want to pay for everything you need without spending a fortune, it’s important to save money where possible and where it won’t detract from your interiors. Certain home decor features need to be of high …

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Choosing a Basement Foundation Repair Services in Edmonton

The foundation of a house is probably one of the most important parts of the building for very obvious reasons. It is the part of the structure that supports the entire weight, providing stability and ensuring the structure does not sink. If you would love a more in-depth description of …

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Open kitchen Yes or no? 7 Keys to bet on the Open Concept

The open kitchens are being imposed in many versatile, functional, bright, and they also allow better use of space, especially in smaller homes. However, betting to open the kitchen to the living room is a very complicated decision in the world of interior design since not only aesthetic criteria must prevail. Also influences, …

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Give an artistic touch to your table with these two original tableware

Christmas is coming and therefore the time of year with the highest concentration of celebrations of lunches and dinners with family and friends around the table. If you are looking for a dish with which to surprise your guests beyond the typical Christmas decorations, maybe you like these Habitat with a very artistic …

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Eight new types of natural stone come to the kitchen countertops from the hand of CUPA STONE

In a time when almost everything in decoration tends towards the return to the origins, the organic and the natural, CUPA STONE launches the new TERRA collection of premium natural stone designed for the kitchen. A selection of eight quartzites and granites, from quarries all over the world, that adapt to new homes that need natural, …

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Linoleum carpets for lovers of hydraulic flooring, without the need to do works

If you like the geometric designs and the style of the hydraulic tiles but you do not plan to do works to install it at home, you are lucky. Now you have at your disposal a wide range of hydraulic designs in formats of linoleum or vinyl carpets. Yes. You’ve heard correctly, linoleum or vinyl carpets …

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Hidraulik returns with its latest collection of vinyl carpets designed for children

The latest Hydaulik collection – the brand that unites its passion for hydraulic floors with vinyl carpets – is designed for the little ones in the house although we do not agree. Their geometric designs are so elegant and up-to-date that they could well occupy a prominent place in any room. The vinyl carpets …

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Do it yourself: Sock-shaped seat markers for the Christmas table

Socks are always among the most traditional Christmas ornaments and their paper form is quick and easy to make. Adding gold letters stickers we get that touch of brightness that the Christmas details need and prepare a perfect seat marker for the celebrations of the next few days around the table. The materials …

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A mini house in the countryside that imitates a small farm in the middle of the field

The style of “modern farm” is fashionable when it comes to building a mini house in a rural setting. Many mini houses are inspired by traditional farms or cabins because their characteristic roofs to two waters (that facilitate the altillos or double height in the interior), and their traditional wood finish, adapts …

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A kitchen that focuses on the black color and the mix of styles for a timeless result

The kitchens along with the bathrooms are the rooms that reveal the passage of time in a house, so if you can give the kitchen a timeless classic look, as in this case, you will be right with the choice. This kitchen with black furniture and beech countertop (both from Ikea) achieves this effect …

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