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Fighting Obesity for Our Health and Our Lives

Let’s Get Well! Fighting Obesity for Our Health and Our Lives

You’ve been wanting to lose a few extra pounds for a few years. Now, your doctor is talking about triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, and maybe even diabetes. It’s time to get serious. This isn’t just about looking good in a swimsuit — this is about saving your life. It’s Important Obesity …

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True Beauty Sleep: How to Improve Sleep for a Youthful Glow

If you want to look and feel younger, you’re not going to find the answer at the bottom of a jar. A restful night’s sleep will take more years off your face than any cream, lotion, or gel. But if your nighttime routine involves too many stimulating and disruptive behaviors, …

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East Grand Rapids Yoga Studio for Hot Yoga

What would you say if you modeled your mind and body at the same time? Hot Yoga relaxes you and helps you lose weight. It increases flexibility, heats muscles and induces sweat. All of this contributes to calorie burning and cardiac activity. Also, the heat helps the body work faster, …

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Five exercises to work your gluteus medius

I usually think that we work the gluteus quite badly and resort to ineffective exercises or directly we do not use the necessary load, but if we talk about the gluteus medius this muscle is even more forgotten. Our glutes are divided into three: the gluteus maximus, medium and low. The …

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Why is losing volume more important than losing weight?

When we want to lose weight or look slimmer, we become very obsessed with the scale, with weaning kilos week after week, and yet, it is more important to lose volume than to lose weight to look better in the mirror and to make our clothes look better. Losing weight and …

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Seven essential nutrients to take care of your mental health and your brain

Taking care of our mental health is as important as taking care of our body, and both are closely related. Mental discomfort can affect our health in the form of pain and worsen the diagnosis of other diseases by worsening our self-care. In turn, physical discomfort or poor nutrition can affect the health of our …

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Relaxation techniques to Avoid Conflicts at Christmas dinner

However united a family may be, when several family units come together for a celebration such as Christmas, conflicts and tensions may arise. Sometimes small family units (father, mother and children) have customs that differ from those of older or traditional family units (grandparents, uncles, etc.), which can lead to conflicts in …

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15 minutes to get fit at Christmas: Cardio training in the lounge

To continue with the series of training for this Christmas today we are going for 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercises that we can do at home without any need for equipment. As always, we will structure the training as a Tabata so you can regulate the duration and intensity to your liking. If your level …

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The best exercises to improve the power of your legs

Jumping high is not just a whim. In many sports it can make a difference, it is also requested in many tests of oppositions and physical evaluations since it is an indicator of the muscular power of an individual. The power is translated, basically, as force by speed and therefore, if we want to jump …

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How to Make Your Self-Care Complete

You’re slimming down, building muscle tone and getting stronger every day. But that does not necessarily make you healthy, especially if you’re feeling stressed out and tired in between workouts. It could be a sign that you need to devote some more attention to your mental well-being while keeping the …

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