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Personal Stuff

All the personal DIY Projects that you can start and do on your own.

12 DIY Tricks to Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

Allow Your Mind to Wander Freely: DIY Tricks to Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

Do you want to be the next George R. R. Martin? If you do, you’ve to start by imagining and telling yourself that you are indeed a very creative mind. Today, we have compiled a list of DIY tricks to enhance your creative writing skills by allowing your mind to …

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Don’t underestimate Gestures and Emotions

11 DIY Tips To Attract New People in Your Life

Wise people believe that every step they take allows them to learn something new. Same can be said when you meet new people, people always have different perspective about things, and whenever you listen to someone else perspective, you open yourself to the learning process. This in return provides us …

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