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Cool Stuff Fun & Things

All the cool things and fun items that you can create on your own and right at your home.

12 DIY Tricks to Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

Allow Your Mind to Wander Freely: DIY Tricks to Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

Do you want to be the next George R. R. Martin? If you do, you’ve to start by imagining and telling yourself that you are indeed a very creative mind. Today, we have compiled a list of DIY tricks to enhance your creative writing skills by allowing your mind to …

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Creative DIY Gifts Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Creative DIY Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Gifts are always special, and what’s better to gift your loved ones a handmade item than picking something out of the rack of a gift shop. When you create something with your bare hands, it becomes essentially laced with all the love that you can pour into it through each …

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DIY Foosball Table – DIY Foosball Game for Your Kid from an Old Shoebox

DIY tasks for your home are an awesome approach to spend some energy alone or with your kids. DIY will enhance your kid’s creativity and they will have a fabulous time making something with their own pair of hands. A great DIY you can make with your loved ones is …

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