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Crafts and Decor projects that you can take on with a little help from DIY Somo


Technological Gift Guide for Children who arrive on time for Reyes: Robots, drones, STEM toys and more

The technology is attractive for children and adults. But if in addition to having fun, it is possible to learn and develop our skills, better than better. If we are looking for gifts for the Magi , we propose a complete selection of technological gadgets and STEM educational toys (an acronym from the …

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This Christmas triumphs at home with an ugly sweater: 31 geek ideas for the Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas is time to return home to be with yours, copious dinners, gifts and tacky jerseys, the umpteenth tradition for these days of late capitalism . Surely by this time of year you’ve seen many ugly Christmas sweaters, but our selection of Christmas sweaters have a geek point. Love for Christmas or bad taste? Be …

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The paper coffee cups find a new life in the posters of the firm Inside

Dentro comes from four designers who need to express themselves. From different places, with different points of view and ways of thinking but with something in common: betting on quality and self-expression on everything else. United and with the necessary skills to get an excellent product worthy of being placed on our walls. …

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The decorative week: white Christmas, very bright houses and what it will take in 2019

The week in the decorative blogosphere has been alternating more proposals for Christmas decoration with the trends for 2019. The bombing of the choice of Living Coral as a color of 2019 by Pantone, has also flooded the networks of that color, but we must recognize that the idea we …

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Adapting the seasonal decoration with light boxes

In these days before Christmas, we are all full of small decorative changes at home to adapt to the coming holidays. Increasingly we are concerned with modifying the decoration based on the season and based on the moments we are living and each time, also, there are more possibilities for it. Today we …

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A romantic and original Christmas tree made with musical scores

The alternatives to traditional Christmas trees we love, especially when it comes to providing solutions for small spaces or alternatives to people who, either by age or conviction, are not attracted to traditions. In this case we bring you by the hand of Urban Outfitters, a tree made with musical scores on the wall instead of …

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DIY with golden spray and natural leaves to decorate the most homelike Christmas

What if you have a Christmas tree here and balls on the other hand. We will unpack all kinds of Christmas jewelry that we keep as gold cloth for the rest of the year. Speaking of gold, the kind of decoration that we really like in December is often loaded with glitter, gold …

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10 Tips for Compound Crossbow Safety

Crossbows have been used since ancient times, dating back to 600 BC when they were used in warfare in China. Since then crossbows have evolved significantly. The compound crossbow is a modern crossbow which has short and sturdy limbs. They are compact and easy to maneuver and produce high velocity …

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Top 3 Places to Find Paintings for Sale Online

Art has always been around us since time immemorial. Even in the ancient times, art has been a medium of expression for people. The evidence can be seen on the cave walls and tools used during that period. It might not look great to our modern eyes, but to them …

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