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The Ultimate A to Z DIY Guide to Wash Your Car Yourself

Many car enthusiasts love the satisfaction that they achieve by washing their car themselves. There are many car wash setups that provide you with a good service. However, they’re expensive and they don’t take care of your wonderful car as you do it yourself. Being the owner and user of …

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How to distinguish a car made in Japan with the naked eye

History of car manufacturing Car manufacturers are a true reflection of their society, their culture, and their tastes. Aspects to which the social and political context is added at the moment of its creation. But what are the characteristics of Japanese models? Are they really recognizable at first sight? To …

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The Ultimate DIY Car Service Checklist: Repair and Maintenance Checklist 2.0 [Updated]

Preventive Car Maintenance to Keep Your Vehicle Up on Performance Knowing your car is great! And knowing that you’ve to go for car repair after specific intervals is even better! But how about getting an idea of when and what to repair or maintain in your automobile? And that too …

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how to buy a used car

How to Buy a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car Choosing a used car can prove to be a very tough and time-consuming endeavor. Most people don’t take the pain of checking just few things that may end up buying them a good car. Buying a used car always involves a bit of psychology …

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diy car maintenance

DIY Car Maintenance Guide

11 Car Maintenance and Car Care Tips Keeping a vehicle good looking, long lasting and in a great engine shape is something that most of us want but somehow don’t seem to accomplish. Car Maintenance requires consistent hard work on your part. Please do remember that there is no miracle …

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