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CALVIN KLEIN designs in collaboration with Cassina a limited edition of Feltri armchairs

CALVIN KLEIN designs in collaboration with Cassina a limited edition of Feltri armchairs

If you like design classics reinterpreted by leading fashion and decoration firms, you will love knowing that Cassina has announced a collaborative project with CALVIN KLEIN. This is a limited edition of the Feltri chair by Gaetano Pesce for Cassina with vintage bedspreads selected by Raf Simons for CALVIN KLEIN.

This limited edition of Feltri chairs has been presented at Design Miami / Basel in a special installation curated by the Creative Director of Calvin Klein, Inc., Raf Simons. Each of these armchairs can be a collector’s item , especially those who love design, experimentation with styles and materials and craftsmanship.

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Gaetano Pesce spent much of his time at the Cassina Research and Development Center, and many innovations emerged from that work, including the Feltri armchair made entirely of heavy wool felt .

Created with a patented production technique, the back of the chair is soft and enveloping, while its lower part, infused with thermostat resin, is firm and durable. The Feltri armchair is still today a symbol of avant-garde design .

Cassina Feltri Calvin Klein Photo Credit Stefano De Monte

The Feltri armchair, designed by Gaetano Pesce for Cassina in 1987, has now been upholstered with unique American Amish quilts from the 19th and 20th centuries for a collection of 100 unique pieces. Selected by Raf Simons for CALVIN KLEIN. The Feltri armchair has always represented a fusion of art and functionality and over the years the piece has become an established icon and a pillar of modern art and contemporary design.

The limited edition chairs numbered from 1 to 50 are part of a large-scale installation by CALVIN KLEIN at Design Miami / Basel in June 2018. These pieces are available for purchase at this fair and the 50- 100 remaining will be available for purchase through Cassina at a later date.

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