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How to build an electric guitar with a 3D printer

How to build an electric guitar with a 3D printer

Sónar + D has started in Barcelona, an international congress that brings together a set of activities with a common axis: the relationship between creativity and technology and the digital transformation of the cultural industries that it entails.

Among the novelties that can be contemplated in this fair until June 16 is the presentation of Guitarras3D.com, a service for the creation, personalization and sale of electric guitars printed in 3D .

Another guitar model printed in 3D

For the manufacture of an electric guitar, wood is usually used, but thanks to the use of 3D printed parts, we can not only have lighter and portable instruments, but can also personalize their appearance. And let’s not forget an important aspect, cost reduction.

During these days Dj Gato and Aleix Duran, `TVNO ‘, will carry out a session using 3D printed synthesizers and Jofre Bardagí will accompany them playing a guitar printed in 3D in 20 minute sessions.

Guitarras3D.com is a service launched by Entresd for the creation, personalization and sale of electric guitars. On its website we find 5 different base models, which can be combined among them. Each model consists of three elements: the wooden mast, the parts of the casing printed in ABS plastic and the screws to assemble them.

3D guitars are designed through a computer, taking as a reference the profile of a classic electric guitar to innovate it. They are then printed with an Entresd UP BOX + desktop 3D printer . You will remember that we have already reviewed the previous version of this printer in this post.

Sunrise 3D Render Printed Guitar

The design of the body consists of 8 pieces of plastic printed in ABS that are assembled to the wooden mast where the electronic part is located. The result is a lightweight, ergonomic and easy to customize guitar that comes in a kit format for the user to assemble himself.

Prices vary between 395 euros for a basic guitar with electronic components mounted, or a guitar customized with the designs chosen by customers and including the 3D manufacturing file. The latter option will cost 475 euros.

It’s a shame I can not go to Barcelona to try one personally or give me a good session of Rocksmith with a guitar printed in 3D.

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