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Bosch DIY teaches us a new DIY way to present wine on the table

Bosch DIY teaches us a new DIY way to present wine on the table

Like everything in life, the first image is the presentation of what happens next, good almost always. In the art of decorating a table the same thing happens. If you dare to present a bottle of wine in a somewhat original , you will get the presentation of a retail table. An idea to decorate and use at the same time. With Bosch tools you will do it in the blink of an eye . Apart from the enjoyment of the elaboration if you like craft work you can enhance the decoration in it. Today we teach you a DIY in wood , to surprise your guests, when space is one of the main problems on a table . The firm Bosch DIY It brings us a very original and easy to develop proposal, in which taking advantage of the free holes in a table will be much more comfortable.

Wine Holder Material

With just seven simple steps and some materials, Bosch DIY explains how to make this support for glasses:

1- The first step is to cut the wood to a size of (25 cm x 25 cm) with the help of the EasyCut 50 cutting saw, then we will sand the edges to avoid splinters, with the AdvancedMulti 18 multitool meticulously . With a pencil mark the diagonals and the center point of the tablet.

Wine Holder Step 1

2- Then with the help of the percussion drill PSR 18 LI-2 Ergonomic , a central hole is made, this will serve later to place the wine bottle.

Wine Holder Step 2

3- Again we will measure and leave 7 cm from each corner and mark the hole of the glass, the size of the hole varies according to the size of the stem of the cup. It is useful to have it on hand as a reference to achieve an exact job.

Wine Holder Step 3

4- The next step is to drill the holes again using the PSR 18 LI-2 Ergonomic , in them the bases of the cups will be placed.

Wine Holder Step 4

5- After this, we will draw lines of 5 mm parallel to each diagonal line to mark the slots through which the glass stem slides and we will use EasyCut 50 to cut them .

Wine Holder Step 5 1

6- Once this process is finished, we will sand the edges of the slots again using AdvancedMulti 18 again .

Wine Holder Step 6 1

7- To finish the work of DIY we will decorate to taste with tapes of fabric, adhesive, cork or vinyl … The tapes must be attached with the help of the GluePen paste pencil .

Wine Holder Step 7 1

Bosch DIY, once again offers great and innovative ideas to enjoy doing, and use it in the decoration of any home, thanks to all its complementary tools.

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