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Bluetooth in Windows 10: How to add devices and solve sudden disconnections

Today we bring two articles in one to talk about Bluetooth in Windows 10. First we will tell you how to connect your devices to the operating system through Bluetooth. It is a fairly simple process that requires very few steps once you have learned to locate it.

And then we’ll explain how to solve most of the most common problems you can have with Bluetooth, such as sudden power failures or unconfigurations that you may have experienced from time to time. This is especially annoying especially if you use a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, since until you solve or re-pair them you will be left without being able to use them again.

How to link Bluetooth devices to Windows 10

The first thing you have to do before proceeding from Windows 10 is to put the pairing / visible mode of the device you want to link. To do so, there is usually a button on the device that you usually have to hold down for a few seconds until it emits a flashing light in one or several colors. If you have any doubts, consult the manual of the device that you are going to link to locate this button.


Then, enter the Windows 10 configuration by clicking on the gear icon you have in both the start menu and the notification panel. Once in the configuration, click on the option Devices, which appears in second place, which is where the Bluetooth options appear.

Add Bluetooth

Once you enter the device configuration, first click on the Bluetoothsection and other devices (1) in the column on the left. It is the one you go by default, but it never hurts to make sure. Then, if you do not have it activated, click on the button under the Bluetooth option to leave it activated (2). Now, once you activate Bluetooth on your computer, click on the Add Bluetooth button or another device (3).


It will open on a screen from which you can add a new device to Windows, either Bluetooth or otherwise. But since today we are interested in the first thing, click on the Bluetooth option that appears first.

Click on Device

After a few seconds in which Windows will be looking for visible devices, it will show you a list with all the ones you can link to. Here, simply click on the Bluetooth device you want to link, after which Windows will take another few seconds to proceed with the connection. And that’s it, when it’s done you’ll only have to click on the Ready button that will appear below on the right and you’ll be able to use the device.

How to solve Bluetooth problems

Update and Security

Windows 10 has the defect that sometimes the Bluetooth drivers fail, and in some devices we can find that every few days we can not use them, something annoying if you use keyboard or mouse with this technology. To fix it, go to the Windows configuration and click on the Update and security option.

Solve problems

Once you enter the Update and security settings , in the column on the left, click on the option Solve problems, which is an option with which Microsoft tries to solve automatically most problems that may be with drivers and configurations.

Press Bluetooth

In the Troubleshooting section there are quite a few options from which you can choose. But at this moment we are interested in just one, so click on the Bluetooth option (1) that will appear in the Search and fix other problems section . When doing so, the selected option will remain and a button will appear, click on that button to Execute the problem solver (2) to proceed.

And that’s it, now Windows will take a few seconds or minutes to analyze the computer and find what may be failing. Then, Windows will automatically fix the errors it detects without you having to do anything else on your part. When finished it will tell you what it has solved, and you will only have to close the solver.

In my case, the problems that I have found with sudden cuts or unconfigurations of the Bluetooth have always solved without problems with this option. Therefore, it is the best solution for which you can choose if you do not have great knowledge.

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